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 MLM recruiting tip


mlm recruiting tip



There are two types of people in the world. Those who are “in the know” and those who “don’t have a clue.” Which group are you in? Most people are going to tell you that they are in the group known as “in the know.” Who wants to be thought of as a “don’t have a clue” person? No one that I know of.


We can use this fact to our advantage.


Have you heard the term “sheeple?” Most people have heard of that. It’s a term used to describe people who just follow the crowd, without giving it much thought, if any.



mlm recruiting tip ... not for the sheeple



We’ve all seen “sheeple” and laughed.


You could be at the bank’s drive through. There happen to be two lanes. One lane has 2 people in it and the other has 6 people. A new person comes around the corner and gets into the lane that has 6 people ahead of them. To them, it must look like the 6 people in line “know” something that the others in the other lane don’t. They are sticking with the crowd!


In the, distant, past, this instinct, and yes I believe it is an instinct, served people well. You wanted to stick with the crowd. There was safety in numbers. If you got caught outside the group, a wild animal might be there to eat you.


These days, some people still live, relatively, close to wild animals, that could eat them but, most people live in cities or suburbs. There are probably lots of things in those areas that could do you harm but, a lion isn’t one of them.


Still, the desire to belong to a group, lingers. Whether it’s a church, a club or another type of organization, we all want that sense of belonging. It seems to offer us some security.


How can we take advantage of this “need to belong,” phenomenon?



mlm recruiting tip - need to belong



At every stage of our conversation with our prospects, we will give them a choice. They can either choose to be part of the group that is “in the know.” Or they can choose to be part of the group that “doesn’t have a clue.”


Here’s your MLM recruiting tip


The three words to use? Here they are … “most people who …”


There is the “in the know” group, “most people,” then there is everyone else. They don’t have a clue. Your prospect will have to make a choice of which group they want to be in. If they choose to be with “most people,” then they will have to say “Yes” to you and whatever it is that you are asking them to do.


You can use this phrase at whatever stage your prospect happens to be.



this is a mlm recruiting tip for every stage



If you are trying to get them to look at some of your company’s promotional material, like a DVD, you would say this.


“Most people who hear about this get really excited or at least curious. But to tell you the truth, not everyone does. You know the ones. They would rather surf the internet, play fantasy football or watch TV, instead of doing something to take care of themselves and their family. Would you like to watch the DVD?”


Hand them the DVD and say, “Most people will watch the DVD. But some people won’t …”



this mlm recruiting tip can get them to watch



You are not leaving them any wiggle room.


They can either agree to do what you want them to do, they can choose to be in the group with “most people” and watch your DVD. Or they can choose to be in the group that “doesn’t have a clue,” and admit that they’d rather surf the internet than to do something to take care of themselves and their family.


That’s not much of a choice, is it? That’s the point!


There’s a fair amount of psychology involved in this method. I won’t go into all of it here. Basically, it helps lower the subconscious filters that we all have. People don’t like salespeople and they don’t like to be sold things. This method gets us past that “gatekeeper,” or fear.


Practice it and use it whenever you move a prospect through each stage of your “sales funnel.”


I can’t take credit for this method. I’ve heard it or a variation of it, 3 or 4 times in the past few years. My guess is that credit should go to Tom Schreiter.


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