Is a 2 step selling process better than a 1 step selling process?


What kind selling process will you use?


2 step selling process

When I started my traditional business, I only knew about a 1 step selling process. A 1 step selling process is when you put out an ad and you give your market the strongest offer you can afford and ask them to buy something from you.


If you have ever opened a Val Pak envelope, you’ve probably seen dozens of 1 step sales offers. They usual come in the form of a coupon and they may give the would be purchaser a certain percentage off of the regular price. If the person who is opening the envelope is in the market for that kind of product or service, then they have a great reason to take them up on their offer. Most sellers have an expiration date on their coupon. The coupons usually expire anywhere from 30 to 60 days after it is issued. The thought on this is that it will make the consumer act on the offer when there is a time limit on it.


I’ve used a 1 step selling process for over 20 years and I have been fairly successful with it. If you have a service or products that you can send out an ad that contains a strong offer, I believe that you can have success too.


The problem with a 1 step selling process is that you have to get your advertisement into the hands of someone who is in the market for your service or products within 30 to 60 of when they’d like to make the purchase.


It has only been in the past few years that I’ve learned about a 2 step selling process.


advertising for a 2 step selling process


A 2 step selling process is when you use your advertisement to generate a lead. You do this by offering the consumer something of value that is related to the service or products that you’re try to sell to them. This type of strategy works because it helps to position you as an expert in that field and it also generates good will with the prospect. The people that you’ve sent the ads to will identify themselves as prospects by asking for your information.


An example of this might be a Realtor who advertises a free booklet that shows a homeowner how much their home is worth and which houses have sold in their neighborhood over the past few months. Who would want that booklet? Probably someone who is interested in selling their home in the next 6 to 12 months. Who does the Realtor what to find? Those people who are thinking about selling their home in the next year or so. The prospect gets something of value. Now, they can make an informed decision as to whether or not they want to sell their home and how much money they can sell it for. The Realtor looks like a good person who has provided this valuable information and this may make those people, who receive the booklet, want to do business with the Realtor.


In our example, the Realtor gathers the names and addresses of all the people who wanted the booklet and they can continue to market their service to them. The first step generated the lead and the second step is the continuous marketing. The Realtor can “ask for the sale” in every piece of literature that they mail out to those prospects.


Most network marketers can’t use a 1 step sales process in an ad sequence. Check with your company’s compliance department to be sure, but most network marketing companies frown on mentioning the name of the company or their products in any advertisements.


It’s also hard to offer a discount on the products or service. If you happen to be selling electricity, you can’t discount it. You can’t offer a 25% off coupon when you can’t change the price.


If you sell a product like a weight loss shake, you may have enough room to offer some sort of discount. However, your company may not allow you to do that.


A network marketer is left with using a 2 step selling process. It can be to give away a sample of the products or they could give away a booklet that contains useful information on the benefits of your products.


If you are a network marketer who has decided to advertise your products or service, I would highly recommend that you use a 2 step sales process. This will allow you to speak to people who are predisposed to buying your products or service.



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