How to do a 3 way call


 How to do a 3 way call


What is a 3 way call?


A 3 way call is when a distributor and their prospect conduct a conference call with someone else in the distributor’s company. The other person could be an upline member, a sideline member or even someone in your downline.



three way call



Obviously, you want to find someone who has been successful in the business and ideally, someone with whom the prospect can relate. The more experience the other person has doing 3 way calls the better. More on this later.


The 3 way call is under used and under appreciated. It is a powerful business building tool. How would you like for someone else to build your business for you? And be happy to do it for you.


When should you do a 3 way call?


There are several times that a three way call can be beneficial to use.


The first way and probably most widely used time is to try to “close” a person on joining your business. Your prospect has seen to business presentation. They liked what they saw but, that may have more question to ask before they would be willing to sign up. This is when you would seek out someone who has recruited a lot of people into their personal business.


There are other times that you might want to consider calling on someone else’s help.


three way call can help you



How about when you have a new distributor join your team and you have a 3 way call with your sponsor and even with one of the top money earners in your upline. It would be a “welcome to the team” call. You are letting the new person know that there are really people there who would help them.


Another time to use a 3 way call might be when you are trying to “close the sale” on selling your products or services. There should be many experts on the products or services that your company sells that you can talk to.


This one may be a new one to you.


How about using a 3 way call to invite prospects to see the business presentation? You can ask the presenter to invite your prospect for you. How helpful would that be? How many no-shows would you have if each of your prospects got to talk to the person who is giving the business presentation? Any?


Why would you do a 3 way call?


When you conduct a three way call, you are bringing in and expert on every aspect of your business. Let’s face it, if you are working in your warm market, you will get little to no respect. Even if you are working in the cold market, you might not get much respect, unless you really are an expert. Why not hand off to the work to someone else?


The other will actually be an expect. They bring third party credibility with them. You will be telling your prospects that this person is an expert in the field. The prospect has no reason to doubt you.


3 way call to build your business



Preparing for the 3 way call


My suggestion is to have your prospects see the business presentation before you hold a 3 way call. That is if the prospect is someone you are trying to recruit. If you are trying to sell products, you should still get them in front of the business plan. Hey, you never know.


A 3 way call is usually not the place to do a business presentation. There is one exception. If you are trying to invite someone to a business presentation. You might ask the person who will be giving the presentation to give out more information, on the call. You can ask them to use the “sneak peek” method. You can read about that here.


The first thing you must do to prepare is to find the right person to conduct the 3 way call. Depending on the reason for doing a call, you will need to find someone who can conduct the proper type of call.


If you are inviting someone to see the business presentation, line up the presenter. If you are trying to recruit someone them get a successful recruiter. If you are trying to sell products then find the most knowledgeable person you can.


Helpful hint: Start a Rolodex of names and numbers of people who would be willing to conduct a 3 way call for you. Make a note of how you would use each of them. Are they recruiters? Sales people or presenters. Make sure that you have several names in each category. You don’t want to wear anyone out.


The second thing you need to do is to confirm that the expert is available to do the call. Find out the days and times that they would be available. Then call your prospect and give them the choices that your experts gave you. Confirm the day and time with both parties.


The last thing that you need to do is to write up a brief profile of the prospect. It doesn’t have to be a complete dossier of the person. You need their name, of course. Then you can use the FORM method.


F is for family. Are they married? Do they have children?


O is for occupation. What kind of job do they have? Where do they work? Have they owned a business before?


R is for recreation. What do they like to do for fun?


M is motivation. What is motivating your prospect to want to look at your business opportunity?


That would give your third party expert enough information to find some common ground on which to bond with them. They will be looking to build instant rapport with them.


instant rapport



I’m sure there are some who are saying that it is not always possible to get all this information before the call. To that, I’d say that if you don’t have at least most of this kind of information about the prospect, you haven’t built a good relationship with them and you shouldn’t be trying to recruit them, yet.


How to do a 3 way call


Here are some tips on how to hold a 3 way call. You will need to call your prospect, first. You need to confirm that this is still a good time for them. Then you need to switch over and call your third party expert. Again, confirm that this is still a good time for them to talk to your prospect. Then you click the flash button, and your 3 way call has begun.


There are 4 main sections of a typical three way call.  This will explain how to do a 3 way call.


1. The introduction and edification of your expert.


Edification is defined as, giving high praise about someone. You will be telling the prospect about your expert’s business and their successes. Why you admire them and how they are there to help, not only you, but your prospect as well.


It might sound something like this.


Hey, Mary. We’re in luck! My good friend Bob is still available to talk to us. Bob is a very busy guy so, this is great news. This is Bob Smith and he has been in the business for 10 years. He has built an organization of over 2000 people and is the 7th top money earner in the company. He is here to give you a better idea of what we do and to answer any questions that you may have.”


Finish the introductions with, “Bob, this Mary.”


You’re not there to praise Mary. You are there to recruit her.


2. Pay attention


You need to sit and be quiet. Make sure that you are taking notes. You will need them later when you are conducting a 3 way call for your downline.


3. Bonding with the prospect


bonding with a prospect in a 3 way call



The third section is for your expert to conduct the call. Here, your expert will be building rapport and leading them towards a “closing” attempt.


The expert will be exploring the prospects reasons for looking at the business. A good “closer” will use a “take away.” A “take away” might sound like this.


Thank you for taking a look at our business presentation. I’m sure that you have questions about it. I’d be happy to answer all of them. But before I do, let’s find out if you’re right for this business. If it’s not a good fit for you, then we can part as friends, no hard feelings. If you are right for the business, then we can discuss next steps. Is that fair enough?”


Of course it’s fair and your expert has signaled that this is not going to be a high pressure, sales call. Everyone can now relax and chat. Your prospect now realizes that they must earn their way into the business.


The expert has implied that they might not be a good fit for your business. It will have you squirming but, this is a great persuasion technique.

This is why you need to not get involved in the call until it is over. Let your expert do their job.


The next thing the expert will do is to ask questions to find out if they are someone that they feel will be a good distributor for you to recruit. They will ask a series of “qualifying questions.”


Questions like these.


3 way call


Have you ever owned your own business?”


Are you self motivated?”


Can you invest, time and money, in yourself and in a business, at this time?”


Can you see yourself sharing the products to your friends and neighbors?”


These are just a few of the kinds of qualifying questions that could be asked



4. Turning the call back over to you


After the expert has finished chatting with your prospect, they will either say to them, that they are a good fit or they aren’t. More then likely, they will say that they are perfect for the business.


This is where you expert will return the favor and edify you. The call is all but over for your expert.


I’m really impressed with your interest and enthusiasm for the business. I think you would make a fine addition to our group. I’ll turn the call over to Joe (you) and the two of you can discuss the next steps that you should take. You couldn’t have found a better person to partner with in the business. Joe is a great guy and will be there to help you build your business. If he continues to grow the business the way he has been, he’ll be a top money earner in no time! With that, I’ll leave you two to talk. Thank you.”


Everyone can say their goodbyes and you and your prospect can discuss signing up!


The 3 way call is one of the very best tools that you can have in your toolbox! Learn to use it and you will go far in the business!


Learning how to 3 way call with your upline and a prospect is very important.  Please take the time to practice this technique.  I think you will find it extremely helpful!


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