The 4 “A’s” of success



A is for success

A is for success


Achieve or achievement is actually the 4th “A” of our discussion. I put it first because we need to know what our goal is. What is it that we are trying to accomplish? It could be as simple as meeting 2 new people per day or as big as recruiting 2 people per month. You just need to have the end in mind, when you get started.



The first “A” is for action. It is the most important thing we can do toward our success. We must take action. Not just action, but consistent action. If we fail to take action, we are doomed. Taking action is the most important thing, but it is also the most difficult. Most people are not lazy. They’d like to think that they are, but they aren’t. They suffer from inertia. Isaac Newton discovered the Law of Inertia. This Law says that an object, or in this case, a person, at rest tends to stay at rest, unless it is acted on by an outside force.

take action now!

Laziness is not the problem. It’s inertia. We just get comfortable with “being at rest.”

Most network marketers are waiting for success to knock on their doors. The only thing that knocks on doors is opportunity. We have to decide if we really want that opportunity or whether we want to remain at rest.

The opportunity is the outside force that is acting on us. Are we going to take action?

Talking to people is the most important action you can take in your business. Make a goal to talk to about your business or product people, every day. Start with talking to 1 person each day and when you start to feel comfortable with that, move up to 2 people per day.

May I make a suggestion, toward that goal?

You need to develop a “first line,” an ice breaker, if you will. I would suggest something like this.

I’ve always been impressed with your people skills. Have you ever thought about owning your own business?”

If they say yes, you then ask,

If I sent you a 4 minute video on how to get started, would you watch it?”

If they say yes, you just follow up and answer their questions.



The second “A” is for assess. You should be asking yourself these questions as you move forward and take action.

Are you getting the results that you thought you would? Could you be getting better results if you change what you are doing? If you decide that you are not getting the results that you want, then it is time for the 3rd “A.”



adjust as needed

Don’t be afraid to tweak what you are doing. If you are not getting good results, then trying changing part of what you are saying or doing. If need be, start fresh. Consistent action is key, but taking productive and consistent action is what will help you be successful.

Track your results with everything that you try. Soon you will find out what you are most comfortable with and what is working the best for you. You should be assessing your results every week, until you find what is working best for you.




celebrate all of your successes


You started out with the goal in mind. You took action, you assessed your results and you adjusted what you were doing. If you give it enough time, you can accomplish anything. Now that you have achieved your goal, congratulations! You should celebrate your victory. No matter how large or small the goal was, you need to be rewarded. This will reinforce the process. You will be more likely to continue this course of action, if you see that you will be rewarded for it!


These steps will work for any goal that you have in mind. What are you going to accomplish, this week?


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