The 6 questions that you need to ask when you do MLM recruiting



MLM recruiting is a lot like sales


Can you actually sell anything to anyone?  Maybe, but usually not.


A used car salesman may be able to pressure someone to buy a car from them,  but other than a high pressure scenario, most people buy things, they are not sold things.


Why do people buy things?    People buy things that they think will solve their problems.  They buy a drill, not because they need a drill.  They buy a drill because they need a hole in something.    They buy new tires for a car, not because they want new tires.  They buy a new tire because the old tire is worn out and may cause them to have an accident.    They buy what they need to solve their problems.    Buying things equals problem solving, for most people.



How can we use that knowledge to help us in our MLM recruiting?



mlm recruiting



We can engage people in conversations that are geared toward finding out what their problems are and offer them solutions.    What kinds of questions do we need to ask them?    If you know the person that gives you a head start.  If not, first things first.  We need to start to build a relationship.  Our questions will start to do this.    You need to start out with the usual greetings and salutations.


The “Hi, how are you, glad to meet you,” type of conversation.  Then we move on to our MLM recruiting questions.  Our line questioning is designed to learn about the person but more importantly to learn where, in their lives, they are having problems.



mlm recruiting script



Here is a script you can use in your MLM recruiting


Question #1:

What kind of work do you do?

This is a “stage setting” question.  Not that any job or career will disqualify anyone, we just want to break the ice with this question. They will answer such a non-threatening question, like that.

Question #2:

Do you like that kind of work?

This is, perhaps, the most critical question.  Listen to their answer carefully.  The answer they give, will steer the rest of the conversation.  If they say yes, they like their job then you ask them …

Question #3a:

Is there anything, in their life, that their job interferes with?

Does their job get in the way of them doing anything else?  They may say that they have long hours, so they don’t spend as much time as they’d like with their children.  Whatever they tell you this is the key point that you are going to use to get them in front of your company’s business plan.  More on that later.

If they had answered question #2 with a “No, they don’t like their job” then you ask them this …

more mlm recruting
Question #3b:

What is it, exactly, that you don’t like about it?

Maybe they say that they work too many hours or they don’t make enough money to do things that they want do.  Maybe they just don’t like that type of work anymore. You need to be understanding and empathetic here.  You need to let them know that you know how they feel.  Perhaps, you have felt the same way as your prospect about a job.  Tell them that they are not alone!

Question #4:

Ask them if they have a plan to change things in the future. 

Most people won’t have a real plan.  Maybe they will tell you that they have thought about it or they are looking for a solution.

Question #5:

This is where you reel them in.  You ask them,”If I could show you a way to solve your problem (insert their particular problem there) would you be interested in seeing it?

More than likely they will want an explanation of how in the world you can solve their problems.  You just tell them that you have another appointment to go to.  You don’t have enough time to go over it in any detail, but it would only take about 30 minutes to go over everything with them, so maybe they could make themselves available to meet with you.

Which leads us to the last question.

Question #6:

I just need 30 minutes to tell you about this solution that I have found.  Can they be available on Tuesday at 7:00 PM or would Wednesday at 7:30 PM be better?

the ultimate goal of mlm recruiting

This is how I do MLM recruiting.  This method works whether you are doing your MLM recruiting in person or over the phone.    You can use this or “make it your own” if you prefer.

MLM recruiting is about solving problems.  Don’t make it about anything else.  Because you’re not going to be able to pressure anyone into joining your business and even if you are able to force someone in, what are the odds that they will ever be productive?


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