The 7 things you need to do now to turbo charge your business



turbo charge your business



Whether you have been in the network marketing business for years or even if you are just starting out, there are certain things that everyone should be doing everyday. You’ve probably been told about them before but very few people take them to heart and do them.


These are what are commonly referred to as “the basics.”


Speaking from personal experience, I’ve been in several businesses over the years. I was taught the basics of the business. My first thought was, well those are the basics but I don’t need to do those. I want to learn the “real” business building ideas.


I’d try out all these complex ideas of advertising and marketing only to find out that I wasn’t making any progress. I’d quickly abandon those ideas for the latest and greatest ideas. I didn’t have more luck with those than the last things I was working on.



the latest and greatest marketing strategy



Then I’d talk to people who were having success in the business and they’d drop little hints about what they were doing. I’d scratch my head when they told me things. I had to laugh at them. Those ideas were what they had taught me way back in the beginning. Those weren’t business ideas, those were the basics.


It couldn’t be that easy, could it?


Then I’d go full circle. Back to the basics.


Strangely enough, those were the business building ideas that I needed to be successful.


The “basics” aren’t the real nuts and bolts of business building but they are the most important things that you need to be doing. They are the foundation of everything that will make you a success in this or any other business.


You need to be on the training calls that your upline conducts.


training call



Hopefully, your upline provides a daily training call. If not daily, then weekly. In any organization there will be many question on how to start and run a business, successfully. Your sponsor or upline should be holding training calls to help get every one started in their new business.


If you find yourself in a company or downline that does not hold these types of calls, you should be looking into other groups within your company to find someone who is conducting training calls. If you can’t find a call to participate in, you may consider starting a training call yourself.


You may be saying, “But I just started. How can I do a call? I don’t even know what to do yet.” Believe it or not you are the perfect person to be conducting these types of calls.


That doesn’t make sense, does it?


Think about it. You have lots of questions, don’t you. Most people do. You just need to go out and find someone in your organization who can answer each question that you have. If your question is, “What should I really do first?” then call your sponsor and ask them to get on the call as your guest and interview them. One thing leads to another and you should have a nice, informative 15 to 30 minute training call. Just let your downline or sideline know that you will be moderating training calls.


The people who are attending these calls can submit their own questions and you will need to find someone who can answer them on a call. Maybe you are the perfect person after all.


This leads me to then next thing that you should be doing.


You need to be attending every company function that you can possibly get to.


business conference


Aside from getting all the latest news, you will get to rub shoulders with the movers and shakers within your company. This is a great place to meet people to attend your training calls but to also meet people who you can contact to answers the questions that your group needs answered. Give out the phone number of the call to as many newbies as you can and get as many numbers of leaders who can answer those questions.


This is a great way to put yourself in a leadership position.


These company events are very motivational. They are a place to recharge your batteries and keep you moving forward. You’ll learn tons of news things there.


Invest in yourself.


You need to be doing personal development on a daily basis. Read books or listen to tapes. You need to be developing yourself in order to attract success. Books like, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind,” “Think and Grow Rich,” and “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Those are but a few of the books that I recommend.


Getting your mindset right is critical to your success.


Prospecting on a daily basis.


show the plan!


This is, obviously, where the rubber meets the road. This will determine if you will make it in this business. Make up your mind how many people you will show the business plan to every day. Yes, every day. If you just started out in the business you might want to show 1-2 people, either your business plan or tell them about your products. Most companies require you to sell a certain amount of the products to qualify to get paid each month. Either activity is productive.


As you gain experience and have some successes, you can raise up the number of people who you will talk to about your business.


If you are having a problem getting your daily quota, feel free to grab the next person you see and tell them that need to watch this presentation. They can say, “No,” but you need to get that one more person to meet your daily goal. Who knows, maybe they will join. If someone says no to the business, be sure to ask them if they could be your customer.


Find or create a “mastermind group.”


Again, if you can’t find one, make one.


What is a mastermind group?


It is a group of leaders who discuss the how to’s, the nuts and bolts of the business. The strategies that are used to turbo charge their businesses.


If you have been doing the first 5 things, then you will be a position of leadership. If there is a mastermind group out there, you should have very little problem getting to be part of it.


If you have to create a group on your own, then I would suggest looking for people who are at your skill and knowledge level but more importantly, find people who have more experience and are at a higher skill level than you. This gives you access to people who you can learn from. That is the goal!





A mastermind group can and should cut years off of your learning curve.


You need to be setting production goals.


This has more to do with the advertising and marketing side of the business. However you have decided to advertise for leads, you need to have goals for that. If you are doing video marketing, you need to set up goals for that. If your are blogging for leads then have an amount of posts that you will write each month.


These monthly production goals will need to be broken down into daily goals. Make sure that you meet your daily goals!


This will be the daily grind, if you will. The things that MUST be done on a daily basis in order for you to achieve the success you deserve!


You might think about finding someone to work with you on this. Someone who will hold you accountable for actually doing the work each day.


Keep a daily journal.


A journal is the fancy name for a business diary.


You need to write out your daily goals. You need to be writing down everything that you do each day toward those goals.


keep a journal



More importantly, you need to be tracking your results.


A typical entry might look like this:


“This week I will write 6 blog posts and promote each post at these sites.”


“Monday: I wrote a blog post for the keyword, Network Marketing. I promoted it here, there and everywhere. Today I generated 250 new visitors to my blog and I got 30 new leads.”


This allows you to hold yourself accountable for doing the work that needs to be done. It also allows you to keep track of keywords and the results that you got from the sites that you used to promote your post. The result may be good, in which case you would want to continue to use those sites to promote your posts. Or the results might be lower than you thought. In which case, you might want to eliminate those sites that you used to promote on and find new sites.


You have a written record of everything that you are doing. If you don’t get results from doing all of these things, at worst, you can show someone in your mastermind group what you have done and they might be able to guide you to better results.


Those are the basics of growing a business. If you try them for 30-60 days, I think you will be amazed by your progress and your results.


You would have to have some really bad luck to not be much better off for doing these 7 things!


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