The 8 indispensable skills of network marketing


network marketing skills


What is the most important advantage that you can have in network marketing?


If you could pick one thing what would it be? Would you want to be in “on the ground floor?” Would you want to be out in front of a “hot niche?” Would you want to be in the right place at the right time? Most network marketers would love to have any or all of those things going for them, when they first get started.


Even if you join a company that has all of those things going for it, eventually, it won’t be a ground floor opportunity. It won’t be the new kid on the block, for long. The hot niche you’re in might cool off. You might be able to make some quick cash by being the first to get into that market but, it won’t last for long. The shine will wear off and you’ll be left wondering what to do after the initial success you’ve had.


Positioning, timing and ground floor opportunities are great but, I’d trade them all for the 8 indispensable skills of network marketing.



network marketing skills beat luck



Basically, I’d rather be good than to be lucky!


The 8 indispensable skills that you need to have are as follows.


You need to be able generate leads for your business


This may be the single most important skill that you can have. Most network marketing companies will ask you to begin in your warm market. Once you get through your warm market you will need to find more people to talk to. New leads will be the life blood of your business. Generating new prospects will be the key to success.



you need network marketing skills to build a business



You will need to be able to qualify those leads


All leads are are not created equal. You may find a way to generate leads that gets you a lot of people who are really interested in owning a business of their own. More than likely, you’ll find a lot of people who say they want to be in a business but, really don’t. You’ll need a way to figure which way they are leaning. Remember, your time is valuable. Don’t let anyone waste it!


You will need to be able to invite people to see your product or opportunity


This skill is right up there with being able to generate leads. It is that important. You need to be able to invite people in a way that you can make sure that they really show up. If they don’t show up, you can’t get them to make a decision about joining your business.


You will to know how to present your product or opportunity effectively


This is a skill that you can “borrow” from other people when you first get started. What I mean by that is that you can get other people to do a product demonstration or a business presentation for you. If you have plans to be a leader in the company, or if you want to be seen as an expert, you will need to learn how to present your products and business plan.


You will need to know how to follow up, effectively


You need to know how to answer objections. You will need to know how to answer those, frequently asked questions, that we all get. You do not need to be able to convince anyone to “do the business.” You do need to know how to get someone to make their decision and that’s all.



collect decisions



You need to know how to help people become a customer or a distributor


Once you get someone to see a product demonstration or your business plan, there are three things that the person can decide. They can decide to do nothing. No harm, no foul, no hurt feelings. Life goes on, as before. They can become a customer. You will need to show them how to order the right products for their needs. You can set them up on autoship, if you can. They can decide to join you, as a distributor. This is where you will need to be a leader for them.


You will need to be able to get that person started in the business


Congratulations, you’ve recruited someone! Now you will need to show them the ropes. They need to learn a lot of things. You need to teach them about your products and/or services. You need to teach them about showing the business plan. Most importantly, you need to get them set up with a business plan. Teach them, not only what to do but, how to do it!


You will need to be able duplicate your actions, in others


I know that generating new leads and the invitation process are two of the most critical skills to have but, being able to promote duplication is the only way to find success in network marketing. You can’t buy products and get to the top levels. You can’t recruit your way to the top either. You have to be able to duplicate you efforts. If you are not a leader and a teacher, you won’t ever reach the top levels of your company’s compensation plan.


Those are the 8 business skills that you will need to have in order to be a success in any network marketing company. Some are more important than others but, they are all necessary to learn and master.


If you can master these skills, you will be able to earn all the money you could ever want.


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