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Every month there are thousands and thousands of people joining the network marketing industry. Most of them have no idea what they are doing. Most of them won’t find the success that they so desperately want. New network marketers show up for their first day with dollar signs in their eyes and a blank stare on their face.


Their sponsor tells them to make a list of everyone they know and then tell them to go out and talk to their list of people about their products, service, and opportunity. Let me ask you one question, while we are on this step of the usual process. If this was the path to success, wouldn’t more people reach the top levels of the business? Wouldn’t more people move their businesses into profit? Wouldn’t network marketing be better than it is?


I’m not saying that the cold market is a better place to start. What I’m saying is that the new network marketer doesn’t know how to run a network marketing business and more than likely, they will be nothing more than a bull in a China shop. They will alienate their friends and turn off people to the network marketing business in the cold market.


Here is my advice for the new network marketer.


Start slow and practice


Most new network marketers have been fed a bunch of lies about how easy network marketing is and how much money they’re going to make. “The products sell themselves.” “Everyone will want this business because everyone needs more money.” “It’s easy.” “We’re going to be rich.” While some of these statements might have a kernel of truth in them, for the most part, they aren’t true.


The new network marketer is all too happy to jump in with both feet and try to sell their opportunity and their products to anyone who happens along. They have no idea what to say or how to answer the questions that they will get. After a few days of this, they wonder why network marketing is so hard for them. Their upline said it would be so easy. There must be something wrong with them. They’ll end up quitting!


I suggest learning what to say, where to say it and when to say it. Learn how to answer the most often asked questions and then practice what you’ve learned. You can practice with your upline or ask your warm market if they would let you practice with them. Tell them that you want their feedback when you’re done talking with them.


Start a self development program


When a new network marketer gets started, they probably have the attitude that they want to do this business, but they don’t know if they can. They can read books, listen to CDs and talk to successful people in their company. All of this will change how they think and how they see themselves. They need to replace the “I don’t know if I can do this” with “I know I can do this!” A self development program can help with these changes.



Acquire the skills you’ll need


You will need certain skills in order to build a successful network marketing business. You will need to improve your communication skills, your closing skills, you’ll need to be able to overcome objections and several other skills.


Having a coach or mentor to teach these skills is the best way to acquire them. However, you can begin to work on them by reading books and taking courses.


Make a plan and set easy to reach goals


This doesn’t have to be anything overly complex. Just write down some goals, that will be fairly easy for you to reach. Then figure out the actions that you’ll need to take to reach them. Once you reach them, celebrate your success!


Then write down some harder to achieve goals and the actions that you will need to take to reach them. Always celebrate your successes no matter how small!


Keep doing this until you’ve reached your ultimate goals!

a successful network marketer doesn't quit

Stay excited and never give up


Most new network marketers get pretty beat up when they first get started. It’s very easy to lose the excitement that they had when they first saw the business plan. Once that initial excitement wears off, most people give up. It’s too hard and they think that they’ll never be able to do this business. If you’ll take all of this advice to heart and you don’t quit, you’ll at least stand a chance of finding the success that you want and deserve!


Yes, this is some very simple advice. Most of it is basic common sense. I find that most people over complicate things and that just makes things even harder than they need to be. Relax, take a deep breath and go back and read this advice again and again. More importantly, put it all into action! Good luck!



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