What is an affinity group?


Affinity group marketing


what is an affinity group


What is an affinity group? According to Webster’s dictionary an affinity group is:


A group of people having a common interest or goal or acting together for a specific purpose.”


Most people like to work within an affinity group that they belong to. They use them for their target market. Why wouldn’t they? It’s a group that they are part of and know very well. An affinity group should have at least some people that they know, personally. You would think that as a member of an affinity group that you’d know their hopes, dreams and desires. You certainly know the problems that they face. What could be better than that?


Absolutely nothing. It’s actually a great idea to do some of your advertising and marketing to members of an affinity group, that you belong to.


I’m here to offer you a new way to use affinity groups.


If you only look at groups that you are a member of, you are limiting your reach. You might be a member of two or three different groups, but there are hundreds or probably thousands of affinity groups out there. What about those?


baby boomers are an affinity group


There are some extremely large affinity groups that people could be a member of like being a Baby Boomer or being military or even ex-military. You might be a stay at home mom or a mom of a preschooler. Those are some very large affinity groups. With the power of the internet, you could probably reach them. The problem with that is that they are so large and diverse that you might not find anyone that you know, personally. What’s the solution?


I prefer to try to find affinity groups that are much smaller and preferably, local.


Some local affinity groups might be your city’s ski club, a MOPS (moms of preschoolers) group, your local Rotary Club and even the local PTA. These types of affinity groups can have memberships of 20 people to 100 or more. Most of the local affinity groups should be small and more personable than the large affinity groups.


You might even belong to one or more of them. You can certainly try to recruit from within these groups, but there are still a lot of affinity groups out there that you don’t belong to.


Suppose that you are a mom of a preschooler. You could recruit other moms that are part of your MOPS group, but now you decide that you’d like to recruit people who are members of a VFW in your town. What’s a mom to do?


find a veteran to work with


Your mission would be to meet a veteran who is a member of the VFW and recruit them. You now have your “foot in the door.” Now they, the VFW member, will be able to recruit other people in that affinity group.


Now you can meet someone from the ski club and do the same thing.


Story time!


The #8 money earner, in my primary company, used this method. He knew the owner of a car dealership and recruited him. The owner was operating several different dealerships, in several different locations. He turned around and recruited his sales managers and they, in turn, recruited all of the sales people. The rest is history, as they say.


car salespeople can be an affinity group too


They are an affinity group! A sales organization has a common goal, so they do qualify.


Use your imagination. I’m sure that you can come up with many different kinds of affinity groups to work with.


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