Are you the one?


One of my favorite movie, of all time, is The Matrix. It’s not because of all the violence. It’s a brilliant piece of science fiction. I’m a really big Sci Fi fan. You can put me in front of a Star Trek or Star Wars movie and I’m a very happy guy!


This article isn’t about The Matrix, but if you’ve seen the movie, you know that they spend more than half the movie trying to figure out if Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, is “The One.”



“The One” is the person who is supposed to be the savior of humanity. Yes, there are a ton of Biblical references throughout the movie.


This brings me back to the point of this article. Are you the one? Not that we need a savior for our network marketing businesses … well some of us do!


We need to find that one person who is going to blow up their business. They are very elusive, these home run hitters. They are out there. My question, to you, is have you even looked for a home run hitter?


I can hear you asking, “How can you tell who the home run hitters are?”


You can’t tell, but they are out there. They are waiting for some fortunate soul to ask them if they have any interest in making some extra money.


The biggest problem in network marketing is that there are home run hitters out there just waiting to be found, but because no one knows who they are most people don’t ask anyone. If it was easy to find the home run hitters, everyone would be a top earner.


ID are you the one


What are you supposed to do, then?


I have a really radical approach. There may be a lot of you who think that I am crazy for even suggesting this, but I feel that I must share this with everyone.


I just said it. Did you catch it? I said, “I must share this with everyone.” If you ask everyone if they have any interest in making some extra money, you are at least guaranteed at least one thing, you will eliminate all of the people who are not “The One.”


Will you find someone who is “The One?” Who knows? You’ll never really know for sure, unless you are willing to share this with everyone. Wouldn’t it stink, if you knew someone who was just waiting to blow up a network marketing business and someone else asked them and not you?


Even if it turns out that you don’t know “The One,” someone you know might know “The One.”


build your team


It’s called network marketing for a reason! Get out there and network!!


They are out there. That’s your job to go and find them.


If you need a compelling way to open a conversation, ask people if they are “The One.” They’ll want to know what you mean and you can explain it to them. If they aren’t interest, ask them if they know anyone who might be “The One.”


I’ve always said that network marketing is simple, but it isn’t easy.


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