Build a relationship? Is building a relationship really necessary?



Do you need to build a relationship with all of your prospects?



build a relationship



Back in the old days, if you wanted to recruit people or find people to sell your products to you just had to chase your friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers around town. You should bug them and beg them to join your business or buy something for you. That pretty much stopped working in the 1960s, but that didn’t stop people from using that method for years after that.



Then we were taught to build a relationship. Does that work? It does. If you have the time to do it. Now, I am not here to stop you from doing that. Building a relationship with new people is a great way to find customers and prospects. As you build the relationship, you also are allowing that new person to get to know you, like you and trust you.



People are more likely to buy from someone that they know, like and trust. By all means, keep building relationships!



I’m just posing the question, is it always necessary to build a relationship?



I’m here to say than no it is not always necessary to do that!



What if you are able to identify someone’s problem, quickly, and offer them a solution right then? You should be able to identify problems by building a relationship with them, but you may not have the time or get the chance to build the relationship.



do you need to build a relationship to find problems?



There are many times and places when it is nearly impossible to do any real relationship building. I know what you are saying. “Get their email address or cell phone number and continue the conversation later.” Yes, you can do that.



What if there was another way? What if you could “cut to the chase” and get to the solution right away? Would you use that method?



Let me give you an example of how this works. This is a real life example. It really happened this way. I am not going to mention the names of the people, the company or their product. I’m just trying to protect the innocent!



There was a network marketer who took the family to the local county fair. They had a grand time. They rode the rides. Looked at the livestock. Ate some food. Watched the talent show. Played the games. Then it was late. Everyone was tired. They decided to go home.



didn't need to build a relationship this time



On the way out of the fair grounds, there were several fresh produce stands selling their farm grown fruits and vegetables.



The network marketer wanted to buy some fruit to have with lunch the next day. She picked out some peaches and apples. While the farmer was totally up the costs of the produce, the network marketer asked the farmer one question.



“Are you able to grow your fruits and vegetables all year?”



It’s a pretty simple question, right?



You see the, the network marketer’s company has a piece of equipment that will allow anyone to grow produce all year. Now you see the big picture!



The farmer furled his brow and answered, “No, I can’t grow the produce during the winter months.”



they can't grow produce in the winter



The network marketer had now identified the farmers problem. Guess what?



She said, “I may have a solution for that problem.”



The farmer reach into his pocket and pulled out a business card and said, “Call me!”



How easy was that?



She was able to identify the farmers problem with one question and in the next sentence was able to offer the solution. She didn’t have to invest a lot of time to build a relationship. She wasn’t met with any resistance. Why would there be any resistance at all? After all, she had the solution to the farmer’s problem!



My question to you now is this, can you think of 1 question that you could ask someone that would identify a problem that either your products or you business opportunity could solve? I’m sure you can!



you can build a relationship or do it the easy way



Network marketing doesn’t have to be the big, bad and scary thing that it is made out to be. It can be fairly simple. It can be relatively easy.



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