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Can you sell your network marketing products?


are your network marketing products on Amazon


I was talking to a distributor from another company, last week. They were telling me all about their products and then they stopped. I was wondering what was going on. They told me that they didn’t know how they were going to sell their products. They’re so expensive and I was told that they are on Amazon and Ebay for way less than what they cost to buy at wholesale.


I know all about the competition that’s out there. It’s like that for everyone in network marketing. We have to compete against big brands, we compete against the products that are similar to ours at the local malls and we have to compete with the mid price range and low end products that sound similar to ours, but are not of the same quality.


Now we have to compete against our own products that are listed for sale on sites like Ebay and Amazon. Not only are the products on those sites, but they are selling for them for less than what they cost a distributor.


I don’t know of a single company that allows their distributors to sell the company’s products online. You can’t put them on Amazon, or Ebay and you can’t have your own website built to sell the products.


How come I can find the products on those sites?


There are several ways that your company’s products could be on those sites. It could be a current distributor who is breaking the rules and trying to get away with selling them online. It could be a former distributor who is just trying to recoup some of the money that they have invested in the products. It could be that the products are past or nearing the expiration date and the distributor is willing to get rid of inventory that is bad or about to go bad.


how can you compete with ebay


It’s tough to sell your products to someone who knows that they can go on Amazon and get the same exact product for $10.00 less than you can sell it for. What can you do to help sell the products to those people? You’ll need to give them a good reason to buy from you!


If your prospect buys from the person on Amazon how do they know that the products aren’t expired? If your company offers a money back guarantee, will your prospect be able to take advantage of that if they get it from an anonymous person on Amazon? You can certainly let them know that there could be problems with a purchase from Amazon or Ebay. Will it really be worth the $10.00 savings if the products can’t be used? Or what happens if they have a problem with the product and want to do some sort of refund or exchange?


Yes, it could be a former distributor who just needs to liquidate their inventory at a reduced price, but there’s no way to tell if that’s who you’re buying from.


Is there anything that you can do about those people selling the products online?


I made a call to a network marketing company, that I wasn’t a distributor for and I asked them why I was seeing their products on Amazon, Ebay and some other sites. They said that most of those sellers were people who had stolen credit card numbers to buy their products and to get money for them, they were willing to sell them cheap.


I’m not sure that I believed that explanation. That seems like an awful lot of trouble to get money off of a stolen credit card!


My guess would be that most of those sellers are former distributors who can’t be punished, by their company, for selling the products online. I would think that it’s a waste of time to try to have your company remove them from Amazon and Ebay. They’re former employees.


There are a lot of unknowns for the average customer who is trying to save a few bucks by buying your company’s products online. It’s just good business to let them know what those problem areas could be!



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