How do you contact old network marketing leads?


What to say to old network marketing leads


calling old network marketing leads


What is an old lead? An old lead is someone that you’ve already talked to about your products or your opportunity. You could’ve talked to them a few weeks ago, a few months ago or even a few years ago, the amount of time really doesn’t matter.


Why would you want to talk to them again if they already said, “No.” You never know, their situation may have changed and now they’d be open to listening to what you have to offer. Even if nothing has changed for them, they may be able to provide you with a few referrals. If you can gain access to the people that your prospects know, your business could grow very quickly.


There are two schools of thought when you are contacting older leads. The first is that you should use a “take it away” method and the other is to use a “social proof” method.


Unfortunately, most network marketers are using a “beg them to join” method. Your prospects can sense your fear, your anxiety and your desperation. This is the last thing that you want to have happen. They will know that they are in charge and they will toy with you, just for the fun of it. This is your business and you need … no you must maintain as much control as you can. Always remember that there is a 97% that this particular prospect won’t make any money in network marketing. That’s not to say they couldn’t be in that 3%. Odds are that they are not the person you are looking for.


I prefer the “take it away” method. I find that fear of loss is a very good motivator.


When you do this, you will want to call your prospect and tell them why you are calling. Tell them that you know that they weren’t interested in your business or your products the last time that you talk. However, you want to check and see if anything has changed, in their situation. Maybe they would be interested in just looking at what you have to offer. Most people will tell you no, that they aren’t interested. A few might have had some sort of revelation and are at least interested enough to take a look. For the ones that aren’t interested, it’s time to take it away from them. You say, “That’s fine. I just wanted to make sure, because I was going to cross you off of my list and I won’t call you about this anymore. Is that okay?”


Wait for their answer. You don’t want to help them or coach them on what to say. It’s completely up to them. Do they want to be removed from your list or not. Again, most people will want to be taken off of your list, but there will be some who will want to take a look at what you’re doing.


motivate your network marketing leads to hear you


The other method, I like to call it the “social proof” method.


This is where you call the prospect and you remind them that they had no interest in your business or your products. You tell them that you understand, but you tell them that you just saw a person who has their same job and who is doing very well in the business and do they know anyone else who has that job who might be interested in what they are doing. That may have been difficult to understand. It should sound something like this, after your usual pleasantries.


“I know you weren’t interested in what I’m doing and that’s okay. I did want to tell you about a guy who is tearing up the business, making 6 figures. He’s a school teacher, like you. I was wondering if you happen to know any school teachers who would be interested in learning about what we are doing?”


Again, you wait for their answer.


The “social proof” method relies on the fact that your prospect will put themselves in the shoes of the person who is doing well in your business. If they can see themselves in their shoes, maybe they will be interested in hearing more.


The thing that you need to know about this method is that you always tell the truth. You only use this if you really know of someone in your company that has the same type of job as your prospect. They may ask you to show them a video or an article that shows that person explaining that they are making a lot of money. It’s best when it’s a near exact match. It can be a high school teacher and a college professor. It’s best when they both are school bus drivers or accountants.


Which method do you prefer? Let me know below!


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