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No, not the Boy George, Culture Club. I’m talking about creating a culture in your network marketing team. I’ve used the word team there for a reason. What kind of culture do you want in your business?


Do you want to create a team atmosphere or do you want a bunch of rogue mercenaries? If you and everyone in your downline is able to recruit heavy hitters, self starters and go getters, you can probably get away with a team culture that allows distributors to “do their own thing.”


However, the vast majority of people that you and your team will ever recruit will need help and possibly a lot of it. This is where your team will come into play. Unless you want to be a “one man show,” (with all due respect to the women in the audience) you’ll want to get help and support from the members of your team.


If you want a team culture that is helpful and supportive of all of its members, you’ll need to put that in place. It won’t happen by itself.


If you are already the leader of your team, then you can implement this on your own. You can be seen as the leader just because you are the upline in your group. Or you can be seen as a leader due to the amount of time you have been in your business or because of your rank in the pay plan. If you don’t consider yourself to be a leader then you may want to work with someone else who you consider to be a leader in your organization.


Just so you know, I’m using this strategy in my own business.


Step 1 is to create a Facebook page for supporting beginners.


This page should contain all useful information that a new distributor needs to know in order to get off to a great start. Some of the information that you should have on this page is how to get new customers and how to recruit new distributors. This page should also contain information relating to the products or services that your company sells. It should also have information relating to the compensation plan. You should encourage new people to ask a lot of questions and take the mentoring that the team is offering them. This page needs to be a safe place for new people to voice their concerns and tribulations. Be sure to celebrate even the smallest accomplishment on this page! This business isn’t easy to do and having a place for distributors to compare notes is a really good idea. It should be a place for new distributors to learn what your team does and how they do it.


Step 2 is to create a team page on Facebook.


make a page on facebook


This page should have general business knowledge that goes into more depth than the beginner’s page. This will be a page where distributors who have progressed out of the beginner stage can meet to discuss what’s working now, both for getting customers and recruiting new distributors. This will be a place for the “how to do it” kind of information to be shared. You can offer more advanced systems here.


This business never really gets all that much easier to do so you should also have a place to share the day to day struggles that everyone is bound to run into.


The celebrating of accomplishments should continue on this page! Celebrate getting new distributors, rank advancements and also celebrate how you’ve improved your customer’s lives. You should be commending your distributors for helping people and touching lives!


Step 3 is to have a blog with posts or videos that answer the questions that are frequently asked by distributors of all levels.


As it turns out, most distributors have questions about this business and their particular products and services. If you have a place to send them to get their questions answered, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and you’ll have a very well informed distributor base to work with!


Step 4 is to have a weekly team conference call.


have a team conference call


There are companies that allow you to have a conference call phone number where all of your team mates can call in and have a live conversation with each other. This makes everything seem more real. Especially, to team members who don’t live close by. These calls should cover a specific topic regarding your business and its operation. You can include an open discussion afterward, but try to limit these calls to 30 to 60 minutes. You may find that your team mates will ask questions that you have an answer for on your team blog. Refer them to that resource in order to save time. There are conference call companies that allow you to save the recording of these calls to iTunes. You should save all of the calls and use that as a teaching resource for new people.


Creating a culture of camaraderie and helpfulness is a good idea. This could help you train new distributors, keep them more deeply involved and to create an atmosphere of belonging to something that is bigger than they are.


Once you see your new people answering questions for the newer people, you’ll know that you have a distributor for life!





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