It’s their decision, let them make it



let them make a decision


You’ve got your trusty list of warm market prospects and you’re ready to get started. You go through the list and you decide who’s going to be really good at this business. Then you put them at the top of the list. You put the people who you think won’t want to sign up at the bottom.


Now you’re ready to go!


What are you doing? Did you do something wrong?


We’re told to talk to the people who are entrepreneurial minded first. Anyone who has owned a business before might be a great person to recruit. Maybe you should save your dead beat brother in law for last. On the surface that sounds like a reasonable plan. I would think that someone who has owned a business before would make a great distributor.


The problem with doing that is we’re prejudging all of our prospects. That’s a problem. That’s a problem because you just never know who will be good at this business and who will be an energy leach. An energy leach is someone who will feed off of your energy. They’ll ask for more and more help as time goes on and they’ll produce little to no results.


Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell if your dead beat brother in law will be an energy leach or if he’ll be a top earner in your company.


I find the whole process somewhat contradictory. We’re told to make a list and sort it by who we think would be the best in the business, but on the other hand we’re told not to prejudge anyone.


I fall on the, “You can’t never tell” side of the equation. There’s no real way of knowing who will good at this business and who won’t do a thing with it.


don't prejudge your prospects


I suggest that you make your warm market list and if you must sort them, then break them down into people that you’d like to work with and those that you’d rather not work with. This won’t help you recruit anyone, but at least it will make sure that you don’t really prejudge anyone.


It always seems that the person you see as a super star is the one who turns out to be a dud and the person you think would never do anything with the business will be the top earner. It rarely, if ever, works out the way you think it will so it’s really a waste of time to prejudge anyone.


Your job is to get your prospects in front of the business plan or a product demonstration and then let them make the decision as to whether they have an interest in doing what you’re doing. Let them make the decision! It’s only fair, right? It is their life we’re talking about.



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