Would you like to earn some extra money each month?


Need some extra money?


need some extra money

This is a very typical opening question, for a network marketer. The network marketer is trying to find out if the prospect has any interest in owning their own business. This seems reasonable, right? Of course it does.


If you find someone who is interested in owning their own business, you quickly invite them to see the business plan. That sounds reasonable too, doesn’t it? Yes, again.


If they show up, you make sure that they see the plan. You might give the business presentation yourself, have someone, with more experience, give it for you or you might use a DVD to show the plan. All of that is reasonable, as well.


Of course the presentation goes on to show how a prospect can reach the top levels of the compensation plan and be making $10,000 per month or more. Does that sound reasonable? Most network marketers are going to say, “yes, it does sound reasonable.”


I hate to disagree with them, but for the average person, making $10,000 per month must seem impossible, out of reach or too difficult to obtain. In my opinion, the typical business presentation gives people false hope. Sure it’s possible to make $10,000 per month in this business, but it doesn’t happen very often.


The business presentation makes it seem like it will be easy to make that kind of money. You only have to recruit 6 people. What could be easier than that? If you’ve been in this industry for a while, then you know that recruiting 6 people probably won’t get you to the top of any pay plan!


earn extra money in network marketing

If you ask the top earners in the industry, you’ll find that most of them have recruited 25-200 people into their businesses. If you go out and show that information in the business presentation, how many people do you think you could recruit? Telling people that they will need to recruit 25-200 people gives them a better and more realistic representation of the work that will required to reach the top of the pay plan. I don’t the MLM companies are going to be changing their DVDs any time soon!


I think that telling people that they can make $10,000 per month does everyone a disservice. It just appeals to people’s greed. When they can’t get to the $10,000 per month, they quit. They are the ones who tell their friends and relatives that network marketing doesn’t work. That cuts down on the prospect pool. Making it more difficult for everyone!


I’d like to suggest something different


When we prospect, we ask people if they’d like to make some extra money each month and we all agreed that it was reasonable to do that. Notice that we asked if they’d like to “make some extra money.” We didn’t ask if they’d like to, “make $10,000 per month.” Why don’t we make everything congruent? How about we show the pay plan to people and end it at making $500.00 per month?


extra money is within reach

That amount seems within reach to most people. Most distributor could probably teach their new recruits how to make $500.00 per month. You can usually find 20-30 customers in your warm market. Tell them your product story and go from there. For most people, that’s just converting 10% of their warm market. If you have 20-30 customers, you’re probably pretty close to making $500.00 per month.


It might not seem like a lot of money, to make $500.00 per month. Two things about making $500.00 per month. First, $500.00 will make a world of difference in most people’s lives. Many are living paycheck to paycheck. That kind of money could ease a lot of stress in their lives. The second thing is that if someone can make $500.00 per month, they can build on that.


How many people can that person recruit, if they are able to really able teach someone how to make that $500.00?


Never underestimate the power of $500.00!


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