Where to find leads for your business – offline



where to find leads - 8 great places



Where to find leads – 8 great places to look


Some of these places will be kind of self explanatory. Others could take up volumes. In this post, I’ll do the best I can to explain things.


 How to Find Business Leads


Where to find leads – offline


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Passing out CDs or DVDs


Your company probably has either a CD or DVD that you can give away to people. I usually recommend having 2 CDs or DVDs to give out, every day. The object is to make sure that you qualify the person as someone who is genuinely interested in starting their own business. You’ll need to learn some basic qualifying questions to find out if they have an interest.


Make sure that you get a commitment to watch the DVD or listen to the CD. Then schedule a follow up call for the day that they say they can watch or listen to it.


where to find leads - pass out cds



“Hey, can you watch this DVD by Tuesday evening? Great! I’ll give you a call Tuesday night.”


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Referrals from your warm market


If you talk to your warm market, correctly, you can try to recruit some of them. If you haven’t been trained properly, you’re better off not trying to recruit them but, you can ask for referrals. It might go like this.


“Hi, I just started a new business. I’m really excited by the opportunity. I don’t think it would be right for you but, maybe you know someone one who would be good at this. Let me tell you a little bit about it.”


Move into a 5 minute overview of what your business is and how it works. Ask if they know someone who would be good at it. In essence, you’ve given them a sneak peek at the business. Maybe they will say that they think they would be interested in it or at worst they could offer up a name or two.


When you call a referral make sure you introduce yourself as a friend of whoever gave you their name. Ask for permission to continue. After you finish talking to them, you can ask them for a referral too.


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Networking events


where to find leads ... at networking events



The keyword there is, networking. These kinds of events like, Chamber of Commerce meetings, Rotary Clubs, Meetup.com groups and BNI meetings are full of people who have either built up a sizable network of people or are in the process of build a network. Do you think those might be good people to know and try to recruit? Even if they aren’t interested, they can help you find people for you to talk to.


Keep in mind that you are not going to these meetings to try to recruit anyone. You are there to meet people, get to know them and find out if they have problems that you can help them solve. Maybe they just need to know where to buy a good cup of coffee. Not every problem needs to be solved with network marketing! But you might find someone who owns their own business but, will tell you that they don’t own the business, the business owns them. Now that’s a problem that can be solved with a new business.


You also need to gather up as many business cards as possible and stay in touch with these people. If you actually stay in touch with them, you could meet them for that great cup of coffee and then use that opportunity to introduce them to your business.


Where to find leads – more places!


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Passive ads


The obvious choice for a passive ad is in the classified section of you’re local newspaper. That can be a good place to advertise but, not always. You can call someone who has an ad in the paper and ask them if they have had success. A lot of people will actually tell you the truth. If you feel like you can’t get an honest answer from anyone then just watch to see if they run their ads over and over, every week. They wouldn’t be doing that if it didn’t work for them.


You can also use bandit signs. They are the signs made of plastic with a metal wire frame that you stick in the ground. They can be placed near highly trafficked intersections and roads. They need to be big enough to read them at 40+ MPH! Or maybe just stick them near stop signs and traffic signals.


You can have clothing printed with a catchy slogan. I think it was Herbalife who had clothes that read, “Lose weight now, Ask me how.” It worked for them! I’d suggest stealing … oops … I mean borrow, the “Ask me how,” line. That’s the line that gets people talking to you. They are prequalified, right?


In the same genre of printed clothing, you can use printed buttons. They work just as well and you can move them from one outfit to the next, with ease.


Car magnets and bumper stickers are great ways to attract attention, as well. I heard that the average bumper sticker gets seen by nearly 20,000 people of the course of its life. You are kind of limited as to how much information you can put on a bumper sticker. Car magnets can run you about $100 for the pair. You can get your entire message on one of those. Have a phone number in bigger print and you should consider a QR code as well. Again this type of advertising is will be seen by thousands people.


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Your child’s school and extra curricular activities


Whether it is a school play or a baseball game, you will be sitting with a lot of other parents. How many parents would say that they don’t feel like they get to spend enough time with their child? Well, this is a great place to find out. Just ask them.



where to find leads ... at your child's baseball game



“Do you get to these events often?”


Maybe they say yes but, maybe they say that they don’t get to go to all of the activities that their child is participating in because they don’t have the time. You have the solution, don’t you?


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The real estate business


Most of us had front row seats to the melt down of the real estate market in late 2007, into 2008 and beyond. This has effected the entire food chain of the real estate business. Everyone from real estate brokers and agents to mortgage brokers, home inspectors and people who work at title companies, have suffered. I would venture a guess that half of the people working in these industries have left to try their luck in a nearly nonexistent jobs market. If you can find those people, you’d never run out of leads.


Even in good times, there is a saying about real estate agents. There are 1/3 coming, 1/3 staying and 1/3 leaving. Meaning that there are a lot of agents who are getting out of real estate all the time.


I’d suggest going to all the offices of the real estate companies in your area and getting as many business cards as you can. There may only be the “duty agent’s” cards on display but you might be able to find others there, as well.


You can find agents name and phone numbers in newspaper ads and most communities have real estate for sales magazines to look through.


Call them and introduce yourself. Ask them how business is going for them. Even if things are great for them, you can ask them if they ever look at other opportunities to make money or ask if they keep their options open for side projects that won’t interfere with what they are doing now.


Where to find leads – even more places!


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Gathering business cards


There are two mains ways to gather business cards. The first is to find bulletin boards. These can be found in many grocery stores. This is a really cheap way to advertise. Most local business people will thumbtack a few of their business cards to a bulletin board, to get some easy sales. You go there and pull two off. Yes, 2 of them. You will use one to keep on file. The other one, will be stapled to the top of a letter of introduction. Or you can call them. The same rules apply to this call. You are calling to get to know them and find out about their business. Again, ask them questions to find out what kinds of problems that they have.



where to find leads ... gather business cards



If you choose to send a letter to introduce yourself, I mentioned stapling their business card to the top of it. That raises the likelihood of the letter being read. There has to be a lot of curiosity aroused by the sight of their own business card attached to a letter. They’ll read it just to find out why you sent their own card to them.


The second way to gather business cards is to use the “fishbowl” method. You probably have seen a fishbowl or a briefcase at the entrance of a nice restaurant, that has a sign that reads, “put your business card in the bowl for a chance to win a free dinner.” If you have ever put your card in one of these bowls, you are now someone’s prospect!


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Drop cards


I’ve written an entire post on drop cards and how to use them, so I’ll be brief. You can find the article here.


Drop cards are cards that are about twice the size of a regular business card. One side is printed to look like a 100 dollar bill and the other side has your message on it. It is folded in half so, you can only see the $100 bill side.



where to find leads ... use drop cards



The object is to drop it in a place where a lot of people walk around. A mall is a perfect spot to drop your cards.


The first person picks it up and reads it. If they are interested, they will put it in their pocket. If they aren’t they just drop it again. The best thing about drop cards is that they stay in circulation until someone who is interested in being in their own business, finds it.


Those are some of my favorite places to find leads, offline. There are only a few that involve the dreaded cold call. The rest are either face to face conversations or your prospects will be giving you a call. If anyone on your team asks you where to find leads for their business, you’ll have a few suggestions.


If you implement these strategies, you might find yourself with more leads than you know what to do with! That’s a good problem to have.


Where to find free lead … in any place where there are a lot of people gathering!


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