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 Network marketing customers


get more network marketing customers

I have always been focused on recruiting new people into my business. That can be a slow and difficult process to go through. Then I did a little research to find out if focusing on recruiting was a better way to build a business than leading with the products.


I was biased to the point of having already decided that recruiting was the best thing. I went out to find support data. At the end of several hours of reading and much to my surprise, I found that selling the products is the best way to go.


Before you stop reading, hear me out.


I found that if you approach 100 people about your business opportunity that you might find 3 people who would be interested in joining you. If you approach 100 people about your products that you might find about 25 people who would be interested in purchasing them.


I don’t know about you, but 25% sounds a lot better than 3%!


Why would we want more customers for our products?


First, you get a fairly nice commission on selling the products. If you sell enough of them, you can get yourself into profit. Profit is the name of this game! Second, your company probably requires you to sell a certain amount of their products, every month, to stay “qualified” to receive a bonus check. The third reason we need more customers is that the money that we get paid with comes from selling the products!


network marketing customers

There is also another great reason to find more customers. A happy customer can be a great source of referral sales. They are also very likely to become distributors, sometime in the future. If they are giving you referrals, they are giving you money that they could be earning themselves. Just tell them that and see how fast they sign up.


You need to develop a “product story.” You’ve used your company’s products and you have seen noticeable differences and improvements or maybe the products have solved some problem that you had. Being able to tell people about these solutions, differences and improvements is your “product story.”


Once you are able to tell your story, you are no longer selling, you are sharing your results. Your prospect has to decide if they would like to have those same results or not.


Your warm market


In my opinion, your warm market is best used to find customers. You’ve probably picked a company that has great products that are reasonably priced. They are in high demand and most people use them. The products are consumable and need to be reordered, on a monthly basis.


use your warm market

Your warm market already knows you, likes you and trusts you. These are people who should, at least in theory, want to support your business efforts by buying at least 1 product from you. How hard could it be to get a relative, a friend or a neighbor to buy 1 of your products each month?


If you have 100-200 people in your warm market, you should get about 25-50 customers. That’s a really good start!




Now that you have a nice core of customers, you can get them to develop a “product story” of their own. You now have a small army of happy customers who are also walking commercials for you and your products. Offer these customers some sort of financial incentive to tell their warm market’s about your products or offer them free products.


Your target market


Your target market are those people who are already using your types of products or people who really need them. Not everyone is going to be in your target market. If you are selling weight loss products, your target market would be people who are overweight. You would have a difficult time selling your weight loss products to skinny people!


your network marketing target market

Keep in mind that not all overweight people are in your target market. Someone who is overweight might be comfortable at their weight and not be interested in losing any weight or maybe they have tried everything and nothing works. They have dropped out of the market.


Your target market would be those people who are overweight and are actively trying to lose that extra weight. You need to find out where those types of people are. This will make selling your products much easier!


Advertising and marketing


This is how you will find people in your target market. You can go to the places that they hang out. Overweight people go to the gym. They go to the grocery store. Your job is to find overweight people and advertise and market to them. You don’t have to lead with your products. You can offer them something of value to let them know who you are and what you do. Offer a booklet that has 10 healthy recipes that won’t leave them hungry or something like that.


You can market your products to those people who received your booklet!


I hope this gives you some ideas on how to get more customers and why you want them.


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