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Getting to know all about you!

It is basic human nature to want to avoid pain and to pursue pleasure


So which one is the stronger of the two. Would we do more to gain pleasure or do more to avoid pain? It turns out that we, as humans, would do way more to avoid pain! How can that be?


Suppose that you decide that you want to purchase a brand new, 2013, metallic silver, convertible Mercedes Benz S Class. Sweet looking ride! That would set you back a pretty penny.



your new mercedes benz


You can imagine yourself driving down the highway with the top down. Wind blowing through your hair. You’re looking good. You’re feeling good. Everyone turns to look at you as you drive past them. You can see it in their eyes. They want to know how you got that car and how they can get one too.


This is a good daydream so far!


To get the car the car, you are either going to have to get a second and probably a third job or you can build your business. So which wins. The pleasure of own the Mercedes or the pain of building your business?


Well, for 99% of network marketers, they avoid the pain of building their businesses. The pleasure of owning the car and experiencing the ride down that highway are not enough to overcome that pain.


Avoiding pain is paramount, getting pleasure is optional!


This is why so many people are willing to live lives that are far below their potential. They convince themselves that they are content with the 9-5 status quo. To do anything to better their lives would cause them pain. So they refuse to invest in themselves.


Now why did I bring all of that up in the first place?


To me, it seems that if you find building a business so painful that you are not willing to do it then there is a big problem! If you had a better plan of action of a plan at all, you would find that it is not as painful as you might imagine it to be.


In many of my previous posts I have talked about building relationships as the key to making network marketing work. I am here today to discuss the type of information that you need to be getting in order to help you to recruit new people into your business.


These are the types of questions that you should be asking in order to find out about your prospects.


What do you lose sleep over?


Typical answers might be:


  1. I worry about paying my bills
  2. I worry about getting laid off at work
  3. I worry about paying for college



losing sleep?


What are you afraid of?


Typical answers might be:


  1. I’m afraid of not being able to retire
  2. I’m afraid of being stuck in a dead end job
  3. I’m afraid of being fired at work


Who or what makes them angry?


Typical answers might be:


  1. My boss
  2. Having too much month left at the end of the money
  3. Myself


Yes, you will find many people who are mad at themselves. They want more out of life but they either don’t know how to achieve more or are too afraid to take that leap of faith.


What causes them the most frustrations in their life?


Typical answers might be:


  1. Wanting to have more time with their family but they are not able to
  2. Wanting to provide their family with a better standard of living
  3. Having to work for some else who would replace them in a minute


What do they most desire?


Typical answers might be:


  1. To achieve success
  2. Help other people to have success
  3. To be able to donate more money to charities


Obviously, these answers are not a complete list. They will vary from person to person. Most of the time you will be able to find instances where you felt the same way as the person that you are talking to.


You could ask about their frustrations and they may say that they are frustrated by not having enough time to spend with their family. You can empathize and say, “I know exactly how that feels.” Then work your way into offering the solution. “This is what I did to free up my time so I could be with my family more. I started my own business. Would you like to take a look at what I do?”


I don’t suggest doing all of this at one time. If you do this unnaturally their Oh-crap-o-meter will be sounding off like crazy! There really is no rush here. It only seems like you are in a hurry.


pot of gold at the end of the rainbow


The pot of gold will still be there waiting for you, whether you get there in 2 months or 2 years!


By forming a relationship with the person, you are lowering any resistance that they may have had to being asked if they want to see what you do and how it changed you life.


Be sure to practice this. Use you sponsor for this. Make them earn their money! Soon enough you will be a recruiting machine!


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