Having a goal setting worksheet for your business

Do you need a goal setting worksheet for your network marketing team?


In my opinion, this is probably the most over looked step in MLM success.  It’s the age old problem of not knowing where you’re going.


If you don’t know where you want to end up, then it doesn’t matter which direction you go in.


I would suggest to you that a goal setting worksheet should be made up of business goals.


By that, I mean, they should be to achieve certain “levels” in your company’s compensation plan.  A lot of MLM businesses like to use gems to describe different levels of achievement.  Maybe your company’s first level is opal.  Diamond may be the top level.  Your goal setting sheet should be set up to show the different levels to be reached and when you’ll reach each level.   That will be your deadline.



goal setting worksheet


Your goal setting worksheet should also have a list of rewards when these various levels of achievement are reached.  When you’ve reached the first level in your company, you will reward yourself by doing something nice for yourself.


Having a goal setting worksheet for both you and your team members will give you many things.  First, you have a way to maintain accountability for everyone on your team, including you .  Second, you now know, exactly what each team member wants from their business.  This gives you a way to keep everyone motivated and moving forward.


Imagine if one of your team members shows signs of waning when it comes to building their business.  You can just go to their goal setting worksheet and find something that they said they want, one of their rewards, and remind them of it.  Say they want to go to Hawaii for a 2 week vacation.  Find a brochure of Hawaii, at the local travel agent’s office, and mail it to them with a little note to make sure that they don’t forget what they have waiting for them at the end of their journey.



Hawaii here we come



You should have short term goals, mid-range goals and long term goals.  Obviously, your long term goal would be to get the top level of your company’s compensation plan.  This could take 2 years or more, so put down at least two years to achieve it.  If you have team members that think they will able achieve the top level quicker than that, they may quit.  If they want to put down something that is unrealistic, don’t let them.  Make them write down something that is really achievable   You can say that it is possible to get to the top in a year and it is but, it doesn’t happen very often.


But maybe they are the exception to the rule.  Who really knows.  You want to encourage them but, you don’t want them to have false hopes.  Your mid-range goal might be to reach the third or fourth level in a year.  As long as it is typical to achieve these goals in that amount of time, then it is reasonable to think that your team members should do this as well.  The short term goals would be those that can be achieved right away.


Maybe your company has a quick start bonus that can be achieved to in a day or two or maybe a week or two.  This will be their first short term goal.  The should be made aware of the work that needs to be done to achieve it and then they need to  get started on it.


Everyone on your team should be aware of the amount of work that it takes to get to each level in the company.  You, as their leader, need to break down the work that needs to be done.  Break it down into manageable  and doable activities.


For my company, the basic “building block” is 3 and 10.  We need to sponsor 3 people and get 10 customers to achieve the second level in the compensation plan.  If we do this twice, sponsor 6 people and get 20 customers we reach the third level.  If we help any 5 people in our organization to build the basic building block twice we reach the top level of compensation.  Sounds easy doesn’t it?



building blocks



I’m sure that your company is similar to this.  So how many leads do you need to talk to get 3 people sponsored?  How many people do you need to talk to to get 10 customers?  What is the reward for achieving these goals?


That’s really all there is to having and using a goal setting worksheet.


Make a copy of every team member’s goal setting worksheet for yourself, so you can lead and motivate.


Now, you’re ready to build your network marketing empire!


I would also suggest that you have a personal reward system in place.  You, as a sponsor, should have a way to recognize the achievements of your team members.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.   It could be a fancy pen or even a tee shirt that says something about what they achieved and when they got there.  “I made it to Ruby and all I got was a lousy tee shirt.”  Anything that will let them know that you noticed what they did!


Believe me, a little recognition goes a long way toward achieving goals!



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