Are you a gold digger?




What is a gold digger?



A hot chick in go-go boots? Or maybe a Californian in 1849? Maybe it is someone who marries for money. Actually, those are all gold diggers. They aren’t the gold diggers that I am referring to but, close.


A gold digger, in network marketing, is someone who is looking to sponsor people who are “above” them, socially and economically speaking. You’ve probably heard the term, “chicken list.” You may even have one written up. This list is made up of the people who you are afraid to talk to about your business opportunity because, you think that they won’t have any interest in it and they will shoot you down.


These would be the doctors, lawyers, accountants, dentists, business owners and the other professionals who are on your list. These are the people who make a darn good living doing what they are doing.


Why would they want to subject themselves to the world of network marketing?


Well, for one reason, they have found success in their chosen field. They know how to be successful. Those who are running their own businesses have the necessary skill sets to be successful in network marketing. You may not see a doctor or lawyer as running a business but, they are. They have to advertise to find clients to work with. They have to do billing, mailings and reminder calls. Owning a doctor’s office is just like running a real business, because it is a real business.


Trust me, doctors work long hours and are under a lot of stress. They are “on call” during the night and over the weekend. Maybe they love their jobs? Or maybe they are looking for something else. Who knows? Probably not most network marketers, as they are afraid to even bring up the subject with their doctor.


Most small business owners are nothing more than glorified middle management. I know, I’m one of them. I’m caught in between my clientele and my employees. When things are going well, they are great but, way too often they aren’t going so well.


By all outward appearances, it may look like the neighborhood professional has the “perfect life.” If you talk to them and get them to pull back the curtain, you may find out things aren’t as rosy as they appear.


The doctor or lawyer may not “need” a new life but, they may “want” something different for themselves and their families.


The concept of “sponsoring up” is a very important one. That’s being a gold digger in the network marketing world.


Most network marketers just find it easier to approach someone who is at their social and economic level. They feel more comfortable with that situation. Talking to a lawyer about an business idea can be quite intimidating.


I do believe the strategy of trying to recruit those who are on your level or below, is a flawed one. If it was the best thing to do or even a good thing to do, there would be a lot more people finding success in MLM.


There are methods of prospecting people, any kind of people, without them even realizing that they have been prospected. You will be able to find out if they have ever thought of owning their own business. Or if they are open to the idea of looking at a business opportunity. If you use these methods, you will reduce the likelihood of any rejection.


Isn’t rejection what we are all afraid of?


You can read my article titled, “Stealth Prospecting,” to learn this method.


Practice this method on your warm market first. Who cares if you mess it up, they weren’t going to join anyway!


On a serious note …


Have courage! Courage is having the ability to do something even though you are afraid of doing it.



If you don’t remember the Dean Martin show from the 1960s, you won’t get the hot chick in go-go boots reference, at the beginning of this post! You could go to Youtube.



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