Are you looking for a hand out?

So I was out on the internet looking for blogs to leave comments on today.  I came across a top 21,000, Alexa ranking, marketing blog that was dofollow.  That’s a two bagger there!

Not only will I get a little traffic from my near brilliant comment, but I will also get a high PR link.  That’s Page Rank, if you didn’t already know.  This blogs home page was a  PR4 and the blog post page was a PR2.  Score!


Blog commenting


Okay, I’m not only here to tell you about that, I’m here to impart a bit of wisdom that I got from the post on said blog.  On the blog they were talking about beggars.  So here goes nothing …

We’ve all seen people who are down on their luck or have such bad injuries that they are unable to work.  So they turn to asking for handouts to make it through.  I have to admit that there have been times when I actually have donated money to some of them.  I usually worry that the money will go to other things rather than to buy necessities, like food or shelter.


learning from a beggar


I also have to admit that I have turned a blind eye to some of them as well.  These are the people who look like they are healthy enough to work but choose not to.  Or the ones that wreak of alcohol and I don’t want to contribute to their drinking.

All of that being said, I had never stopped to think about what they are willing to do to make a quick dollar.  I read a study that said that the average beggar can make about $20.00 per hour, so they do okay there on the street corner or standing in the middle of the local median strip.


Will work for food


These people are willing to tell everyone that they see that they need help.  They carry a sign that says “Will work for food.”  Or maybe,”Please help.”  Or even, “I have a family to support.”  They always end with “God bless.”

They are great advertisers!

They are willing to stay out in almost any weather, they are willing to stay out for hours and hours.

They are very persistent!

They are very much willing to tell you their story, if you roll down your window and ask them why they are on the corner.  They are willing to tell their story to everyone.

They are very good marketers as well.

They can turn all of these things into a $20.00 per hour job.  And you thought they couldn’t work.

They can do advertising, marketing and they are extremely persistent.  And they are willing to do all of this plus humiliate themselves, sometimes out of necessity, to make the $20.00 per hour.

That’s a great story, huh?  I know, you’re saying, “So What!”

I tell you these things with a question in mind.  I want to ask you, if you are in your own business perhaps an MLM, are you willing to do as the beggars have done?  Are you willing to go out and humiliate yourself by telling your business story to everyone who run into?

Are you willing to advertise to get people to notice you so you can market to them.

Marketing here means building a relationship with people so you can try to sell them something in the future.

A beggar is willing to do all of these things in rain, sleet and snow.  They do it for $20.00 per hour.

There could and will be untold riches for the taking in an MLM business or really in any business.

Would you do these things if someone were going to pay you or give you $20.00 per hour?


they beg for $20, what are you willing to do


What will it take for you to take your business as serious as a beggar takes their “business?”

No, really!  When are you ever going to do as much as a beggar?  Or would you rather stare at your distributor kit for weeks and wonder why the beggar makes a decent living and you are stuck in a dead end job that you might get laid off from at any moment?  WHEN?

That’s a pretty heavy handed way to get my point across to you.  But some of you need a good kick at times!

So I have an old joke to lighten things up a bit.



I had just gone to the local pizzeria to buy a slice of pizza.  They handed me my slice on a plate which I held in my left hand.  I reached out with my right hand to get my change.

I walked out of the shop and to my surprise there was a beggar standing there.  I felt bad for him so I offered him my pizza or my change.  He looked at the pizza then he looked at the change.  Back and forth he looked.  Then with no warning he raised both arms and ran off screaming at the top of his lungs.  I couldn’t figure out what had happened.

Then I realized that he had run off screaming because … beggars can’t be choosers!

Groan if you want.  But it is funny!

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