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Why you should have a home meeting



home meeting



As it turns out, this internet thing seems to be here to stay. I thought I was just a passing fad. Oops! My bad!


The internet is a great thing. It allows us to gather tons of information about our world in a split second. Which I suppose is a good thing … until you get “information overload.” It allows us to meet new people and stay in contact old friends, from miles away. We can even tweet what we ate for lunch. Ah, it’s a beautiful thing!



a home meeting in the internet era?



As the technology has progressed, many network marketers have turned their attentions to webinars and other online meetings. I certainly understand doing that. One can easily reach hundreds or thousands of prospects this way.


A sizable city might have 1 million people living in it. Facebook alone has over 1 billion users and at any given time, there are 200 million people tweeting out what they had for lunch, on Twitter. Who could turn their backs on those kinds of numbers?


I wholeheartedly endorse using the internet to build your network marketing business. The sheer volume of people available to prospect just can’t be overlooked.


I see only one downside to building online. It can be a rather impersonal medium of communication. A tweet is nice. An email can certainly get your point across to someone. A webinar will certainly convey all the information about your opportunity to a vast number of people. In my opinion, all of these online tactics lack the personal touch. Nothing beats a smile and a handshake when meeting someone.


All of you high tech people are cringing about now. You’re thinking, oh brother, here it comes.



Why do you need to do a home meeting?



Home meeting?



It may sound old school. That’s because it is! Before the internet. Before the hotel meeting. There were home meetings. Millions and millions of dollars have been earned sitting in people living rooms.


No, really. People used to sit in their living rooms and a guy would draws circles on a piece of paper and explain how network marketing worked and how they could make money owning their own businesses.


Then someone got the idea to make a flip chart and a dry erase white board. That was the internet in those days. There weren’t even DVDs or CDs to pass out.


How did they survive?


Why am I suggesting that you hold a home meeting? After all, you can only invite a handful of people to a meeting into someone’s home. Well, that’s the point! Think about it. A living room is warm and friendly. It’s a safe place to be. It non threatening and it’s comfortable. What could be better than that?



hotel meeting vs a home meeting



What are the alternatives to a home meeting?



A hotel meeting is fairly impersonal. On a good night, you can have hundreds of prospects show up. It can literally be a sea of humanity in there. That’s great for social proof but, it can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating.


You can’t get much more impersonal than a webinar. You don’t even know if your prospect is really paying attention or if they just signed in and left the computer running. You call them the next day and ask what they thought of the presentation and they say, “It’s not for me.” That response would be fine, if it was really an informed decision.


I will say this, hotel meetings and webinars have their place in your business. If your prospect lives across town and can’t get to your home easily, a hotel meeting might be convenient place to meet them. If your prospect lives across the country, then, obviously, a webinar would be the best way to get your opportunity in front of them.



you can have a home meeting in your living room



Why not take advantage of the intimacy that a home meeting can provide. Having a home meeting in your home gives you home field advantage!


To me, the best thing about a home meeting is that it is so easily duplicated. Network marketing is all about building relationships and then duplicating the effort. You couldn’t ask for a better way to do that than to conduct a home meeting in your own living room!


In my next post, I will give you some ideas on how to conduct a home meeting. There really are some strategies involved.


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