How best to use your warm market



Why bother your warm market?



your warm market might be thinking this


The first thing that most network marketing companies ask you to do is to make a list of your friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors and acquaintances.  They may even provide you with a “memory jogger” to fill out.   It’s your “warm market list.”



These can be used to remember who your mailman is or another person who you may come in contact with less frequently.  I do see a use for these lists but, recruiting from them isn’t it.  Come on … these people know you and they won’t believe in you or your business ideas until you prove yourself to be successful.  Can you imagine your brother-in-law joining you in your business just because you asked him?  Probably not.



What you can use your warm market for is to practice on.



Practice giving your business presentation to your warm market


practice your presentation on your warm market


You need to learn how to give your companies recruiting presentation for yourself!  Who better to make mistakes on than your family and friends.  They expect you to be bad at this, so you won’t disappoint them.  You may even give them a good laugh!  It is best to approach them in a manner that is non-threatening.  Ask them to do you a favor.  Everyone likes to do people favors.  Just ask!  “Hey, I joined this business.  Can you do me a favor and listen to my business presentation?”


Warm market recruiting can be tough, if you are not trained to do it!


“I know it’s not right for you but, I need to practice giving the presentation.  You would really be helping me out.”  Most of your friends and family members should be willing “sacrifice” 30-45 minutes to help you.  You can get the much needed practice on them.  Once you give the business presentation to most of your relatives, you should be able to do the presentation like a pro.  Being able to give the business presentation will position you as a leader.  Have you noticed that those who give the presentation for your company are the people who are making the most money?


give your business presentation to your warm market


That is the position that you need to have in order to be successful in network marketing.  You will have a skill that all the people that you recruit will benefit from.  You will have all the confidence that you need.  This will show and people will be attracted to you.  They will want to join you in your business.


Sell your products to your warm market


You will need to be able to generate income in your business if you are to succeed.  One of the quickest ways to do that is to sell your company’s products.  This is great way to utilize your warm market.  You need to ask them to show their support of your new business by buying a product from you.  It can be just one.  Start with the person who loves you the most … or owes you the most.


Your warm market may think that you are crazy for trying network marketing but, most of them should be willing to pay extra dollar or two to buy that bottle of shampoo from you.


Are you done with your warm market?


are you really done with your warm market?


Once you have sold your products and practiced giving your business presentation, are you done with your warm market?  Maybe, but hopefully not.  After a time, you might find that you have recruited some people and are gaining some successes in your business.  Once you have proven to your warm market that you can be successful, they might be ready to hear what you have to say.



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