How much is it?

How to answer this network marketing objection


answer this network markting objection


Several years ago I walked into a jewelry store. I was there to look and not really there to buy anything. I wanted to look at a Rolex watch. One thing you have to know about me is that I’m terrible, terrible, terrible with watches. Somehow, I always find a way to break them. No, that’s not my plan. It just seems to happen.


A quick story about me and my watch.


I was on a really crowded sidewalk and I was afraid that something would happen to a watch that I had gotten as a present. I got the great idea to take it off and put it in my pocket … for safekeeping. I’m not sure how it happened, but someone bumped into me really hard and knocked me down. Yes, I landed on the pocket that had the watch in it. Needless to say, it was broken.


I had no real intentions of buying a Rolex when I went into the store.


When the salesperson walked up to me and I asked, “How much is it?” I knew about how much it was going to cost. I was just trying to find a point of objection that I could use to get rid of the salesperson. They told me that the watch was on sale and was a mere $11,500. It was pretty easy to get rid of the salesperson!


Whether you’re talking to a network marketing prospect about your products or your business opportunity, the same thing can happen.


What do you say if your prospect hasn’t seen your information, but still asks how much is it?


People are busy and most of them can’t be bothered. Most people don’t think that they have the time to get all of the information that they’ll need to make an informed decision. They’ll find a way to get rid of you. What’s the quickest and easiest way to do that? They just need to find out how much it’s going to cost them and then tell you that they can’t afford it. It’s considered impolite to question people about their finances, so this works out great for the prospect who is looking to dismiss you.


sending that network marketer packing


Ray Higdon has an answer for this.


When the prospect asks, “How much is it?”


You respond by saying, “That depends. There are many different options and it might not cost you anything because it may not be a fit for you.”


Think about that.


You’ve disarmed them and stopped them in their tracks. There aren’t too many responses to those statements that will dismiss you. You’ve challenged them to find out if what you have to offer is a fit for them or not. At that moment, that’s the only thing that matters. Your prospect is no longer thinking about the cost involved. They just want to find out if it’s a fit for them.


This will give you the opportunity to give them all of the information that they’ll need to make a decision. It’s up to you to show them how your products or business opportunity can solve their problems. If you can solve their problems, they’ll be willing to pay any price.



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