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Have you ever looked at a top earner in your company or any company, for that matter and thought to yourself, “I could never do that?” The top earners seem to be so slick and polished. They seem to have an answer for every situation and question. They look like they are just naturals at the network marketing business.


The “I could never do that,” feeling is as big of a killer of success as anything in network marketing.


Yes, there are some top earners who are just that, naturals. Business just comes naturally to them. They show up and they have really good communication skills. They are able to think quickly, on their feet. They’re fast learners and it seems to come easily to them.


The vast majority of them weren’t born great business people. If you look into their history, you’ll probably find out that they were in 10 different network marketing companies before they had their meteoric rise to the top. In the beginning, they probably were more like you and me than they were like Bill Britt.


When they first joined a network marketing company, they probably went to a hotel meeting. There was someone who got up in front of the room and started to explain how that business worked and the types of products that they sell. The presenter didn’t miss a beat as they drew all of those circles. They got to the end and everyone in the room was excited about the possibilities.


That’s the good news.


The bad news was that a lot of people, in that room, walked away feeling like they could never do what the presenter did. They just knew that they would never be able to get up in front of a room full of people and explain how the business works. How would they ever become successful?


A lot of people walk away from those meetings feeling excited, but knowing deep down, that they could never do what those top earners were doing.

network marketing presentation

I’m here to tell you that most distributors would love to be able to give a perfect presentation. They’d love to have the magic marker, in hand, and give a presentation to a room full of prospects. However, most people are probably too afraid to do that.


Is taking people to a hotel meeting the way to go, for most network marketers?


There are a lot of advantages of a hotel meeting. You get a room full of people looking that the business plan and it gives everyone there a sense of camaraderie and a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves. Excitement is contagious and it spreads around a room full of prospects. Hopefully, that excitement will make it easier to sponsor them.


The bad news is that some of them won’t believe that they’ll be able to do what they just saw that top earner do.


If you do take someone to a hotel meeting, be sure that you explain that they don’t ever have to get up in front of the room. All they have to do is invite people to go to the hotel meeting. Let the top earners do the heavy lifting.


I always tell new distributors to use a tool to show their prospects the business plan. They will get a perfect presentation every time and their prospects will have an easy time seeing themselves doing the same thing.


Almost anyone could put a DVD in a player and start it up, right? How easy is that?


Even I could do that!



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