What does your ideal prospect look like?


Who is your ideal network marketing prospect?


define your ideal prospect


Not all prospects are created equally. Some are better than others. The trick is to find the ones that are better. This is no small task. Network marketers have been told, by their upline, that everyone will want their business opportunity. They take that to heart and begin by talking to everyone they meet. I believe that this is where the trouble begins. The new network marketer is ill-equipped to deal with the amount of rejection that they will get from most people that they talk to. There’s only so much rejection that the average person is willing to suffer through before they’ve had enough and quit the business.


The fact that most new distributors are willing to recruit anyone with a pulse, is disturbing as well. Recruiting anyone who can fog up a mirror will start a process that I like to call the revolving door syndrome. This is when a distributor loses their downline as fast as they can recruit them. This is a very disheartening phenomenon. When a distributor’s downline is quitting, it makes it more likely that the distributor will quit, too.


How can network marketers give themselves a better chance of recruiting good people?


First of all, you must locate people for whom the time is right. Most people have several times in their life when they would be open to looking at a different way to make money. Some people have several times per year. The job of a network marketer is to find the people who would be ready for a change.


They must also define their ideal prospect. What traits will the ideal prospect have?


Here are 5 traits to look for in your ideal prospects.


1. The ideal prospect should have a lot of people in their sphere of influence. This can include their hot market, their friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors. It can also include people in their warm market. These people could be friends on Facebook or other social media sites. I like to talk to people who have between 1,000 and 2,000 Facebook friends.


2. They must have credibility and influence in their hot and warm markets. These types of prospects are looked up to by their hot and warm markets. When they recommend something, their friends listen to them and check out the thing that is being recommended.


what traits do your ideal prospects have


3. You will want your ideal prospect to be entrepreneurial minded. Former or even current business owners can do very well in network marketing. Don’t limit yourself to those kinds of business owners. Someone who owned a lemonade stand or a paper route are entrepreneurial minded as well.


4. Your ideal prospect should be coachable. There are many new skills that a new distributor will need to learn. Very few people will be able to make a lot of money, n network marketing, by just using the skills that they came to the business with. There will be a learning curve, for most people. If you try to teach someone and they think they know it all, it will be a rough road for both people.


5. You want to find people who you genuinely like and others like as well. A negative person with a bad attitude will hurt your business. Trying to help someone like that is too difficult for most people. The network marketing business is tough. You and your team will need all of the support you can find. Finding people who are happy and have a positive outlook on life are the people that you’d prefer to work with.


I would suggest that you could save yourself a lot of time and trouble by defining who your ideal prospects are and start talking to those people, only!



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