What is your job as a network marketer?


What’s your job, anyway?



what's your job?



I had a short training session with a fellow network marketer, the other day. She said she was having problems recruiting people into her business. No wonder, she’s new to the business. I asked her to describe how she was trying to get people into the business. After you hear her story, you will understand why she is having problems



She had decide to start with her warm market. I don’t think that your warm market is the best place to start, but I was there to help. I listened.



She went on to tell me that she started up a regular, chatty conversation with her “prospect” and then moved on to tell them about her business, her products and her company. She told me that she went on and on about how great the products are, how great the company is and so on and so on.



When she finally finished telling me what happened, she looked at me and asked what she was doing wrong.



NO verbal vomitting



I smiled and asked her what she thought her job was in network marketing. She told me that it was her job to talk people into joining the business with her. I’m sure that it seems like that would be the job of any network marketer. I know it seemed that way to me, in the beginning.



I can remember when I first got started in network marketing. I would do the same thing. It was less like prospecting and more like verbally vomiting on them. I can’t tell you how many people that I was able to talk out of joining. I look back on it and I have to laugh at myself. What a dunce I was.



I wasn’t really a dunce, I just didn’t know what my job, as a network marketer, was.



My training consisted of my sponsor telling me to, “go out and talk them into joining your business.” That was real sage advice?



Network marketing companies have invested a lot of money into how they recruit people. That’s why there is a business presentation to show your prospect! It’s the job of the business plan to get people to join you.



Your job is just to get your prospect in front of that plan. That’s it. Period. End of story!



Now, you may be the person who is giving the plan, but still, when you’re talking to a prospect you have to be thinking in terms of getting them to look at the business presentation! No more, no less.



The strategy for getting people to look at the plan is to talk as little as you possibly can.



It’s kind of like selling the sizzle, not the steak.



sell the sizzle



You can think of it like flirting, but in this case you are trying to get them interested in seeing the business presentation, you’re not trying to get them interested in going out with you.



Remember that most people want what you have to offer. What is it that you have to offer a prospect?



More free time and more money.



You would have to try really hard to talk someone out of wanting those two things, right?



Do not verbally vomit on your prospect! Conserve your words! Find out what problems that they may be having and offer them a solution.



do you want to graduate debt free?



Your prospect may have a college aged student and no money to pay for it.



You can say, “If I could show you a way to pay for your child’s education, in cash, would you sit down with me for 30 minutes to find out how?”



How can anyone say no to the solution to their problem?



Good luck! Talk less and listen more!!



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