Life in the comfortable zone



Are you comfortable with being uncomfortable?



Human beings are funny creatures! Interesting but, funny.


people are funny



It never ceases to amaze me how well humans can adapt to any surroundings. Whether they live in the desert heat of Arizona or the frigid cold of Alaska, they seem to be able to get used to anything. In the grand scheme of things, I guess that’s a good thing. There is a down side to this, though.


There are upwards of 70%-80% of people who just don’t like their jobs and yet they keep going to work. Why? Are they just used to it?



are you feeling trapped



I understand that a lot of people get “trapped” financially. The buy the nice house and the 2 cars. They really can’t switch jobs, for fear of taking a pay cut and not being able to afford these trinkets. They stay in a job that they don’t like. It’s misery, year after year. Well, misery may be a bit harsh for some but, I’m sure there a many who experience misery on the job.


“Hey, it’s a job. It pays the bills.” Every day you go to work, the job sucks a little bit more of the life out of you.


You get used to it. Who needs dreams anyway? You just need to pay the bills.


Are you comfortable where you are? The job isn’t so bad, right?


Growing a business is tough and a lot of work. If it would “just happen” it wouldn’t be so bad. Growing a business doesn’t “just happen.” It does take work. It’s work that a lot of the time is uncomfortable. You have to do things that you aren’t used to. You have to do things that are new to you and that you aren’t good at. In fact, you probably suck at some of it.



grow a business



Who needs it, right?


You can just go back to the job and be comfortable!


It’s not so bad. You’ve been there for years. You know what you are doing, at least. The boss likes you. It’s not that long to retirement. Life is good!


Why would you ever think to join a network marketing company?


No, really! Why?


Were you told it would be easy? That anyone could do it. Was it the promise of untold riches? I want to know!! You must’ve had a reason. A good reason at that.


Turns out that talking to someone about owning a business is a little uncomfortable for you. They may look at you weird. Or worse, tell you that you’re crazy for trying something like that. They tried it before and didn’t work for them. Rejection is tough, I know. It is what keeps most people on the sidelines of life.


I would ask you, are you a mind reader? Do you really know who is struggling with problems? They might be financial, they might be other kinds of problems. Maybe they just want more time for their family. Who knows what it could be. It’s not your job to know these things but, it is your job to find out!


You can’t make that decision for them but, you can at least give them the chance to look at your business and decide for themselves. I wouldn’t blame them for saying no. Owning a business is not easy. Just look at yourself, you thinking of quitting, or you already have quit. They’ll have the same fears as you.



build a business for your family



But maybe they will break through the fears and build a nice business for their family.


My advice to anyone thinking about quitting the business is to go ahead and quit. It’ll save you a lot of time, trouble and money! Running a business is not easy and does require a lot of work, over an extended time period. It’s probably not for you!


If you stopped reading there and really quit, I wish you the best of luck in your future! Life goes on, as it has before. Just the same. Yeah, buddy!



save time and money and quit



If you didn’t quit, then good for you! If you want to be successful, you’re going to have to make some changes.


I would put it like this:


Become uncomfortable with being comfortable


Comfortable means status quo. Nothing new, nothing changes. It’s kind of like quitting, only it takes more time.


You’ll need to get outside your comfort zone and talk to more people. You’ll need to find their pain and offer them a solution. Then let them decide. Once you get to that point in your business building career, it becomes a numbers game. Talk to enough people, get enough people in front of your business plan, collect enough decisions and you find success, eventually.


If you want something that you’ve never gotten before, then you’ll have to do something that you’ve never done before.


It’s a simple as that!


If you want to be comfortable, stay where you are. Keep doing what you’ve been doing, all these years. If you want things to be different, then you’re going to have to do things that make you feel uncomfortable.


Get out of your comfort zone, on a daily basis and make things happen! You can do this!



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