Do I need to know a lot of people to be successful?



I don’t know very many people




I'm new in town



This question is one of those that you may get a fair amount of the time. Network marketing is, after all, a people business. It seems like a reasonable fear. If one doesn’t know a lot of people, how can they be a success in a people business?


The short answer to this question would be no, you don’t need to know a lot people in order to be a success in network marketing.


In fact, most people don’t find their success until they move into the cold market. The cold market would be those people who you don’t know, yet.


The trick will be to be able to find new people to talk about your business. You can talk to just about anyone. You will need to qualify them as people who might be interested in owning their own business.


Think about how many different people you run into every day. The deli person at the grocery store. The cashier there. The mailman. Your child’s principal or teacher. You could go check out a book at the library. Yes, you could talk to the librarian. Your zumba instructor might be interested in making some extra money.


The possibilities are nearly endless. If you don’t run into someone to talk to, you can always manufacture a meeting. You can always go for for a cup at Starbuck’s, right?



qualify the starbuck's girl



Just as an illustration, if you were able to recruit just one person per month, you would sponsor 24 people in two years. If you ask around your company I would bet that most of the top earners recruited between 20 and 25 people to get to where they are. How hard would that be? One new recruit each month. Think about it!


The slow and steady approach will work. The problem is that not many people will last two years in this business. Most people tend to be a shooting star. They shine bright for a short time, then they fade away. If this has happened to you in a business, don’t feel bad. This is the fate of most network marketers. Nearly all network marketers will quit in their first 6 months.



most MLMers quit to soon



I sometimes wonder what would happen if everyone who joined a network marketing company was told that it would take two years to be a success? How many of them would stick around that long?


We may never have an answer for that question.


A new distributor doesn’t need to know a lot of people when they get started. They weren’t going to be able to find many people in their warm market to recruit anyway. I start new recruits in the cold market. That’s where the success is!


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