What if we’re making network marketing harder than it needs to be?


Can we make network marketing a bit easier?


 can network marketing be easier?



What do you think about network marketing? Most people who have tried to build a large organization find it to be extremely difficult. The evidence is the nearly microscopic success rate. Something less then 2 in 10,000 people ever make it t the top level of any network marketing company. That’s pretty bad by anyone’s measure.


Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard? If you stop and think about it, network marketing is a very simple business. If you can find enough people to show your business plan to, you should be able to work your way up to the top. Is there anyone out there that can convince me that it’s anymore complicated than that? Probably not, and yet so many people try and fail at this business.


Could it be that we, the network marketers, are making this business a lot hard than it needs to be? Are we over thinking it? Have we lost our way?


What if we break the process down into simpler and easier steps? What if we were to use all of the tools that are available to us to help us in our quest? Instead of us busting our humps, going out every day looking to get people to sign up and buy our products, we let the tools do all or most of the heavy lifting.


The main reason why people don’t join a network marketing company is that they don’t think that they can get the business to work for them. They don’t think that they will make any money doing this. To that I say, fair enough. Anyone who is honest, has to admit that not very many people are making any money in this business. It is only natural that most people would end up thinking that they wouldn’t make any money either.


If we simplify things and make them easier for people to make money in this business, would we be able to recruit more people. I would hope so!


Let’s start with how we generate leads for our businesses. Let’s go through our warm market and then we should begin a real advertising campaign. Yes, any business owner will tell you that “it takes money to make money.” Network marketing is no different.


advertise your network marketing business


What do most network marketers do when they get through their warm market? They go out and prospect people. They go to the mall and talk to anyone who is close enough to hear them. This is where the next level of pain starts. Who wants to go out and try to convince total strangers to get involved in a network marketing business? You’re entering the valley of rejection!


If we break down and spend some money on advertising, we should be able to get people, who are at least a little bit interested in owning a business and making some extra money to call us.


This just has to be a lot less stressful for most people!


The next step in the process is to get people to show up for and watch someone give a business presentation. Maybe you are trying to give a presentation by yourself. This is fine if you have enough experience doing this. The down side is that it is a slow method of going through people. You might be showing the plan to 2 or maybe 3 people per week doing this. Or maybe you have an upline doing it the plan for you. This is just as slow. You could be trying to meet people at a hotel meeting see a top earner give a presentation. Again, this is slow and you run the risk of the people not showing up for the meeting!


Network marketing tools


Why not use a tool for this step in the process. Your company probably provides you with a DVD to show the presentation. Use it instead of hoping a prospect will show up for a meeting! How many DVDs can you pass out each week? You can have a lot of people looking at the DVD and this is certainly quicker than showing the plan yourself.


You may be thinking that you’ll get a lot of objections and you probably will. To me, all objections are to say that the person has doubts that they can make the business work for them and they aren’t sure if they would make any money.


can you make money in network marketing


Tell them that if they can do the same exact thing that you are doing right now, that they owe it to themselves to at least watch the video to see if it is of interest to them. They just need to start the same advertising campaign as you did, talk to the people who answer the ads and get them to watch the video. Either they think they can run ads like you and talk to people or they don’t think that they can do that.


If you can do the same things that I just did, place an ad and talk to the people who call in, you owe it to yourself to at least take a look at the video to see if you have an interest in doing this.”


Doesn’t this sound a bit easier than running all over town trying to talk strangers into doing something that you have no idea whether they have any interest in doing?


Will you get people who say that they don’t think that they could put out an ad and answer the phone? Probably so, but I bet it’s a lot fewer than are telling you “No” now!


Let’s simplify the process! Please use the tools that are available to you.


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