The MLM circle of life



What business are you in?


I’ve heard many trainers ask that question of audiences over the years. It is interesting to hear all of the answers. Most people say that they are in the vitamins business or they sell make up. Maybe someone is in legal or electricity. The trainer says that they are all wrong.


I got brave one time and my answer was that I was in the money making business. I thought myself to be quite clever. I got partial credit for my answer. That’s why we are in this business, right? To make money?



doesn't everyone in network marketing want to make money?



While my answer was appreciated, I was ultimately told that I, too, was wrong. The answer to the trainers question was that we are all in the duplication business.


You can make money selling your products. You can make more money by recruiting people into your business. If you are ever going to make a lot of money in this business, then you are going to have to duplicate yourself.


If you can clone yourself, you’ll be fine. Not that kind of duplication.


This kind of duplication is where you recruit people into your business and you train them to, not only make money, but to be able to train others to make money as well.


This is what I call, the “MLM circle of life.”



that's the best circle I could find



I think Elton John wrote a song about this some time back. I could be wrong about that.


The “MLM circle of life” is the series of steps that you lead someone through, then train others to do the same things. The “MLM circle of life” goes like this.


Pique someone’s interest


At this stage you are engaging people to see if they have any interest in making some extra money. Most people will say yes, that they would love to make some extra money.




At this step you are trying to weed out those that are looking to have money given to them or are not willing to do some work for the money. These are the tire kickers and lottery ticket buyers. We are looking for people who are serious about making money and are willing to work to get it.




This is when you have someone look at your company’s business presentation.


The follow up



get it?  follow up!



I still think that this might be the most important step of all. You can show any number of people your business opportunity, but if you aren’t willing to call them and see if they have questions or if they are ready to change their future and join you in your business, then you will have a difficult time in this business.




There are many different methods of closing in any business. There are hard closes and soft closes and many in between. What you are really doing at this stage is just finding out what your prospect’s decision is. Do they want to change their lives and join you. It could be yes or no or maybe even a not at this time. At least you have your answer!




This when you are teaching all of the people, who you have recruited how to run and build a business. Not just what to do, but how to do them. Hands on training is the best and most effective.





duplication is the goal



Duplication happens when you have taught your recruits how to go through all of the steps listed above. Once you have people who can run their prospects through the “MLM circle of life,” you have a self sustaining business.


The circle starts all over. Your recruits now pique the interest in others and sort them.


If your goal is to make the 6 and 7 figure kind of money then you need to be duplicating yourself.


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