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Do you need an MLM recruiting system?



mlm recruiting system


Let’s start out with a direct answer to the question. Yes!


That was easy. Have a nice day.


Basically, there are two different MLM recruiting systems. There is the old school method of recruiting people. Commonly referred to as belly to belly recruiting. A better description would be, face to face marketing.


The many “faces” of this type of MLM recruiting are, going through your warm market to find people to recruit. Most people have a sphere of influence of about 250 people. That’s the sum of all the people you know or come in contact with. Technically, this is an MLM recruiting system. This is done by being obnoxious and chasing all of your friends, relatives, co-workers and neighbors until they hide in their homes and never come out again. There is the “3 foot rule.” Always a fan favorite. This is when you start up a conversation with anyone who is within 3 feet of you. You do this in order to pitch them your business opportunity, to them.


There are tons of ways to market your opportunity in your community. Putting fliers on front doors or car windshields. Passing out literature at malls and grocery stores. You could evolve into mailing post cards. My all time favorite was the bulletins with the tear off phone numbers. Staple them to the local bulletin boards. They would see them tear off the number and put it in their pockets. Of course, by the next day, they had forgotten what the number was for.


Ah, those were the good old days!


If you’ve used this type of network marketing recruiting system you may have noticed that when you “chase” people you engage their survival instinct. It’s the fight or flight response. The brain senses that it is in “danger.” The danger being that someone is about to try to make you do something that you really don’t think that you want to try to sell you something.



don't chase them

The flight response is when your friends try to avoid you.


The fight is when you corner them and they end up telling you that you are crazy for trying something like this or they don’t have to time or money to do it.


Every once in a while even a blind pig finds an acorn. You actually get someone to say yes to seeing the business plan. You show it to them or take them to a hotel meeting. You have your fingers crossed and hope that they join. More than likely they won’t. Which explains the 99.8% failure rate in MLM.


That sums up the typical offline MLM recruiting system.


The other type of MLM recruiting system is the online type.


online mlm recruiting system


In my opinion, this is the way to go. Offline methods of marketing limit you to your sphere of influence or maybe the number of people in your community. Conversely, online marketing gives you access to, literally, the whole world.


In essence, the online MLM recruiting system is your sales funnel. I wrote about that here.  So, what’s a sales funnel and why should I use one?

Your online network marketing recruiting system will consist of a central hub of activity. This should be your blog. You will have an attached pop up advertisement. This ad will gather the contact information of those visitors who want to exchange it for a gift that you offering them. This gift must have a fairly high, perceived value.


This puts them into your funnel. You move them along with emails that you send them from your autoresponder. You can send them messages to get them to return to your blog over and over again. The easiest way to do this is by informing them that you have a new post on your blog. Your posts should offer up good and useful information. You build trust this way. It also will make your prospects more willing to purchase products and services that you have bought an successfully used. DO NOT try to sell anything that you have never used. You might sell them something that doesn’t work.  This is the kiss of death for your business. You might get away with it once or twice but you will completely alienate the prospects and you will totally undermine your business.


Your emails should, periodically, include invitations to see your company’s business presentation. This could be a local meeting but more than likely, you will be sending them to see a webinar, online.



get them to a business presentation


Something to consider, you could have a recorded version of the webinar. This would automate this step of the process.


Once your prospect has been to the webinar, you just need to ask for their decision. This can be in an email. Again, total automation. Or you could ask them to call you if they need more information. I think the best practice is to follow up with a phone call. This is more personal and makes you more human to them.  Somewhere in the process you’ll need to get their phone number.


That sums up a typical online MLM recruiting system.


Although, an online MLM recruiting system is probably the best and most effective way to market your business, I think that there is still a place for the old school, face to face marketing system.


There are businesses, online, that are set up to facilitate the online MLM recruiting system. Some of these are MLSP and Carbon Copy Pro. I have to admit to thinking about joining one of these. I would more want to see how they set things up and run things. I did decide to try to set up my own MLM recruiting system. If I have success on my own, I’m good to go. If not, I can always go back and try either of these.


I’m not a member of any online or offline MLM recruiting system. I am also not an affiliate of any. If you decide to try any of the online marketing companies, you’re on you’re on. Good luck!


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