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I wanted to let you know what I do to recruit people into my primary business.  That sounded funny to me.  Primary business.  I only have one.  I see people all over the web saying “primary business.”  How many businesses do you have to have to have a primary company?  I know there are “tool providing” companies out there that have affiliate programs.  Maybe that’s everyone’s secondary business?  Enough of my musing for now.


I had a lot on my mind today.  I wasn’t sure what to write about.


I heard a short talk about procrastination, but I have already chimed in on that.  I also heard a longer talk about the electronic dream killer.  AKA … your television.  The person I was listening to said that people these days go to work for 8-10 hours a day then come home to visit with their “imaginary friends.”  I thought that was very appropriate.  It seems that no one talks to each other anymore.  At least not face to face.  Just via Facebook.  Last but not least, I have been reading several blogs about MLM recruiting.


I can totally relate to the imaginary friends comment.  Just as an aside, I used to watch a show, back in the early or mid 80s, called “LA Law”.  It was a really well written show with lots of character development in it and excellent story lines.  I stopped watching around it’s 5th year.  They added some characters that I didn’t like and the story lines got contrived.  But anyway.  They had a reunion show 10-15 years later.  I watched it for old time sake.  It wasn’t very good, but afterward, I told someone that it was like seeing old friends.


None of those people are real.  They are nothing, but actors playing a part.  Imaginary friends!


I ended up with the thought of how I do MLM recruiting, to write about today.


mlm recruiting for success


I wrote a post a few months ago or so that said, “people join people, not companies.”  For the most part that’s true.  Now I will say that if you are joining a business and you are one of the 99.84% of the people who will never reach the top level of that company, you should pick a company that sells a product or service that you will actually like and use, because of autoship. You will have a garage full of something that you will need to use up, after you quit.  Wow, I’m really harsh!!  It is true, though.  Keep that in mind.


If you think that you will buck the trend and actually build a business, then it is of less consequence the company you choose to work with or what products they sell. It’s nice to really like the products so you can be your own walking testimonial.


Let me say that MLM recruiting is not just about MLM recruiting.


It is, at its core, about duplication.  If your recruits CAN NOT duplicate what you are doing, then it is useless.  Just so much window dressing. Unless, of course, you aren’t doing anything. The they should have no problem duplicating that!


If you are going to do MLM recruiting you need to convince people that what you do is easily duplicated.  They must think that they can do it as well. I chose blogging for leads.  It is cheap, not really free.  If someone can talk they can blog.  It may take some practice and getting used to, but everyone can do it. Just write what you would want to say to someone.


You’ll need to pay for an autoresponder, but that’s about it.  They run about $20 per month.  Some are cheaper than that.  You need a way to communicate with your prospects each week or daily.  You have to make the choice of autoresponders yourself.


I’m kind of all over the place here.  Let me get back to the actual MLM recruiting.


I qualify people when I first start a conversation.  Are they going to be the type of person who is willing to do some work to better their life and situation?  Can I find out what they really want for their lives and the lives of their family, in order to make them see that if they continue to do what they are doing, that they will probably never get what it is that they say they want.


It’s all about building, that ever elusive, relationship or friendship.  If you’ve ever made a new friend then you can do this business!


MLM recruiting is really not rocket science.


mlm recruiting isn't rocket science



You need to approach someone as though you are going to be friends with them.  The usual small talk is fine.  If you see this person on a regular or fairly regular basis then you are not force to show your hand too quickly.  You can build a friendship along the way.


Somewhere along the line you ask them what they would be doing if money was no object.  They might ask you “like if I won the lottery?”  Sure, we’ll go with that, “yes, you just won the lottery!”


Trust me, people will tell you everything about their dreams.


Keep them on task, and let them paint you a picture.  Ask them every detail.  You have a great prospect and you now know how to motivate them.   If they join you and if they ever say that they can’t do this, you know what to say to get them back on the reservation.


Once they have shared their dreams with you, then you go for the appointment.  You need to get them in front of the business plan of your company.


Another aside … never let anyone tell you that their dream is to quit their job or fire their boss!  There is something deeply psychological about the thought of not having that job.  I think it is the old saying that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush syndrome.  The thought of leaving a job really scares people.


That thought will scare people away from you and your business.


If someone mentions quitting their job as their dream, steer them back to what it is they would actually be doing if money were no object.


This suggestion is MLM recruiting at its best.


You ask them “What if I could show you a way, a step by step blueprint [plan], that would guide you and your spouse [husband or wife] to your dreams?”


do ml recruiting with your spouse


More than likely, they will defer and ask you the question, “You can do that?”  Or “what is it?”


The first question is answered by saying, “Of course.  I can walk you through every step for as long as it takes for you to get to [your dreams].”


If they ask, “What is it?” You say, “What it is, is not as not important as the fact that you will be working directly with me and I will take you by the hand and walk you through each step of the plan.  I can show you what it is that I am doing this Friday.” Or whatever day would work for both of you.


(the brackets [] are around words and phrases that you can change or fill it in as a blank field as the situation requires)


You now are seen as a helper and a leader.  People will want to work with you!


dream big


They have seen that you have a plan and that you will be there to guide them, every step of the way.   They won’t care whether you are selling diamonds or donuts.  They just want you to show them how to do what you do and get them to their dreams!


Maybe you think that you won’t be good at MLM recruiting because you are a wall flower.  Maybe your spouse is the social butterfly.  Know your strengths and use your them to your advantage. It is fairly easy to find someone to make up for any weaknesses that you might have.


MLM recruiting is simple, but it is not easy.  If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.


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