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When I first got involved in network marketing, I was asked to do some role playing with other people in the business. I thought it was the stupidest thing ever. We broke down into teams of two people and got started. I felt so uncomfortable doing it. I knew most of the others felt the same way. As we began talking to each other, the giggles and laughs started. After a while, we all seemed to settle down and started to work together.


With my partner, I was supposed to pretend to be a prospect and think of different things that I might say in response to the questions that my role playing partner was asking. Then it got worse. We switched roles. I was asked to prospect them like they were a stranger.


Then it got interesting. I started to learn different ways of handling the questions that a prospect would have. As I got better at answering their questions, I developed more confidence in what I was saying. As they say, all good things must come to an end. We were then asked to come back together, as a big group. I didn’t think it could get much worse, but it did.


The team leader asked a couple of us to come up to the front of the room and do our role playing, in front of everyone. You guessed it, I was one of the first two people to get called on. That was a fate worse than death for me.


role playing was like death for me


We were given a situation and asked to role play. I was given the role of network marketer approaching a total stranger. You may have noticed that I didn’t get the Academy Award for my performance.


Over the course of the next several months, we repeated this torture. Almost every situation that you can find yourself in is a situation that you can practice for. I find that role playing is a very good method to practice for these situations.


I can hear the gears turning in your mind. You’re thinking that I am going to suggest that you do the same thing. Well, relax! Of course I am. I know it seems crazy and that it couldn’t possibly help anyone, but I am living proof that it can help people.


role playing for practice


I am suggesting that you practice by role playing for two reasons. The first is that it will really help anyone who tries this to get better at talking in many different types of situations. When someone finds themselves in a situation, in real life, it will make people feel more comfortable and have improved self confidence. The second reason is that when you hold these role playing sessions, you’ll be able to see who is showing up. The people who don’t show up may not be the best people to be spending your training time with.


You can practice talking to your warm market and the problems that will cause you. You can practice talking to people who have answered an ad. You can use this time to practice giving a business presentation. There are literally a couple of dozen situations that you can practice for.


You can practice:


Answering questions after a product demonstration

Asking for the sale

Answering questions after business presentation

Closing the prospect

Cold calling a referral

Answering the questions of a new recruit

Over coming objections of all kinds


Any situation that any distributor might find themselves in is a situation that can be prepared for.


A common complaint that I hear from people that have quit a company or are thinking about quitting is that they never got any real training. Whether you are a leader in your company or just have a few people sponsored, I’d recommend that you hold role playing meetings at least twice per month if not every week.


I have to admit that the role playing wasn’t much fun for me. It was awkward and uncomfortable, in the beginning, but it did get easier as we went along. As dumb as I thought that it was, I do have to admit that I learned a lot from it.


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