MLM training for success part 2



MLM training part 2



MLM training



In my previous article, I was going over the first few steps that you should be taking in order to get a good, fast start growing your business. If you didn’t read that article, you can find it here. “Is there a missing link in network marketing?”


I left off, the last time, with you filling out your memory jogger and approaching those on the list that you are closest to. Your immediate family and best friends are the people that you probably will be talking to first.


You are going to sell the one product that you think is the easiest to sell, to these people. You can tell them that they are doing you a favor. Everyone loves to their friends a favor!



ask for a favor in MLM training


 MLM Training – get your warm market to buy your products


Don’t go overboard here. Just get them to buy 1 product and get them to make a commitment to buy it from you each month. Tell them that you have started your own business and as crazy as that sounds, you need them to support you in this venture. All you need them to do is to buy the one product from you, monthly. Ideally, you’d like to get them on autoship.


I’m sure that they will all think that you are going to quit the business, in no time. You can tell them that they only have to purchase the product until you do quit. That sounds like a fair deal, doesn’t it?


If your products are as good as you think they are you might find that some of them want to buy other products from you.



MLM training ... get your warm market to buy your products



You can move those people, that are purchasing your products, to the bottom of your list.


Now you want to move on to the rest of your memory jogger list. The rest of the people on the list are going to be your new practice buddies.


MLM training – use your warm market to practice with


I want you to call each of them and make an appointment to talk to all of them. A few at a time. If they ask what it is all about, you just tell them the truth. You have started a new business and you need a favor. You need to practice giving the business presentation. Tell them that you know that they don’t want to join, but you still need to them to listen to the presentation. Most of them should say that it is okay.



practice your MLM training



This really is just for practice. You give the presentation. Don’t worry about messing it up. You can get their input as you go through the presentation. “Does that sound okay or should I change it?” Ask them to give you constructive criticism, as you go through it. Try to get them to participate by asking questions, just like a prospect would ask. Trust me, you need to practice. The better prepared you are when you give the presentation, for real, the better off you will be.


MLM training- read self help and sales books to feed your mind


There is always the chance that someone that you give the practice presentation to will actually see what you saw when you decided to join. That’s just a bonus sign up!


The next thing that you will need to do is to start “feeding your mind.” You are going to do this by reading books. The first two books that you should read are, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.


In my opinion, those are the very best books to start with.



reading is part of your MLM training



These are all the things that you should be working on in your first few weeks. If you are actually following through with this plan of action, then congratulations! You are doing more than most network marketers.


Remember that success isn’t built on what you are willing to do. It is built on what you are willing to do every day!


Next time, I will go over how to generate leads and prospect them with a rejection free method.


I wish you the very best and good luck!


Just keep moving forward!


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