Money making activities in network marketing


money making activities


Should you be focusing all of your attention on the money making activities of network marketing?


On the surface, you’d think that the answer would be a resounding “Yes.” What are the money making activities in network marketing? Are there any “non money making” activities that we should be doing? Let’s take a look at the two types of activities that we can choose from.


Money making activities


The money making activities are those that are directly related to making you money in your business. Here is a list of money making activities.




Prospecting is the activity of finding new leads for you to talk to about your business. This activity also includes qualifying them. Do they have a problem that joining your business or buying your product would solve? Do they have a real interest in solving that problem?


Not everyone will see joining your business or buying your products as the solution to their problem and that’s okay. Not everyone will realize that they can solve their problems. Those people feel stuck.




This is exactly what it sounds like it is. This is the next step in your sales process. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to recruit someone or sell your products, you’ll need to invite your leads to see a business presentation or a product demonstration.


the invitation


Showing the business plan or demonstrating the products


Again, this is self explanatory. These 2 activities are where the rubber meets the road. They will make or break your business. If you can’t, successfully, navigate these two things, then you are going to have problems being a success.


You do not have to be the one who is, personally, do these activities. You could have a lead join a webinar or have a third party do a business presentation, in person. You could have some else do a product demonstration. You might be involved, but it doesn’t mean that you have to be the star.


Following up


Following up is what you do after you have your leads take a look at the business plan or products. You are there to answer questions and overcome objections. This is, perhaps, the most critical step in your sales process. If you need someone to help you, just ask!


Signing up a new recruit or delivery the products


This is the best part. This is what puts money in the bank. Anyone who is about to put money in your bank account, deserves some hands on, TLC!


When you are signing up a new recruit, meet with them in person or at least in a Skype room. You need to get these people off to a great and fast start. Let them know that you value you them and have the courtesy to meet with them.


If it is at all possible, deliver the products to your customers, in person. Follow up with a thank you card and send a note or email to reminder them when it is time to reorder the products.


I hope that all of this is common sense! Always be nice to people who are paying you!


Those are the main activities that we all do in order to make money.


Then there are the non money making activities. Why would we do activities that are not making us money? I tend to think of these activities, not as non money making activities, but as time I invest in the future of my business.


Non money making activities


non money making activities


Self development


We all need to, continually, build ourselves up. We want to develop that $1 million dollar self worth. We also need to fortify our self esteem. This is a rough and tumble business. It’s not for the faint of heart. We need to be bulletproof as we go through the money making activities.


There will be people who say “No!” Then there will be people who give you a “No” that’s meant to destroy your self confidence. We need to be prepared for this!


You can read books, listen to CDs or just pick your upline’s brain. Anything that helps you to feel like there isn’t anything anyone could do or say to stop you from building your business!


Building relationships


There are 3 stages to your sales process. There is the before stage, the during stage and the after stage. At every stage, you need to be cultivating and building your relationships.


The before stage is all the time that you know someone before you have them see your products or business plan. This is when you are meeting and greeting them. You are developing a friendship.


The during stage is that time that they are either seeing the products demonstrated or the business plan or the time that you are following up with them. This is a money making activity.


The after stage is all the time after a prospect has seen your products or business. Yes, even after someone puts money in your pocket, you want to continue to build and strengthen your relationship. You need to stay in touch with everyone that passes through your sales process. Just because they didn’t “buy” today, doesn’t mean that they won’t “buy” next month or next year.




training to do money making activities


This could be you getting the training that you need or it could be you training your team. Everyone needs training. We all need to learn the skills needed to build a business. We need to constantly adapt to changing conditions in the industry. I always say, “adapt or die!”


Those are the most important money making activities and the most important non making activities, that we as network marketers need to be doing.


How much of our time should you be spending on money making activities?


I would suggest that you spend somewhere between 60% and 75% of your time on the money making activities.


Please don’t underestimate the importance of the non money making activities! Self development, building relationships and training will be the foundation on which you will build your business.


There is one more important activity that all network marketers need to be doing.


Down time


We all need down time. R&R, rest and relaxation. Time to rest and recharge our batteries. We need to spend time with friends and family!


Is this the best use of your time? Yeah, sometimes it is!!


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