How much money are you making?

How long until I’m successful?



cash money



This is a typical question asked by many network marketing prospects. Of course, we are not really supposed to share the amount of money that we are making. Which turns out to be a good thing that we aren’t allowed to share that information, as most of us aren’t making any money.


We’re trained to say something like this:


It is considered enticement to share one’s income with a prospect. Therefore, it is illegal.”


I have to laugh at that. If we are honest, we’d scare people off. Can you imagine how quickly someone would run away, if you said, “I regularly lose between $25.00 and $150.00 each month. Would you like to join my business?”


A better question for a prospect to ask might be, “How much money can I make?”






Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell. They may be super motivate. They could be a self starter and a quick learner. They could be that home run hitter you’ve dreamed about for years … well a few weeks anyway. Or they could be your typical, run of the mill distributor. They could get their distributor kit and rub the side of it. They are waiting for the network marketing genie to pop out and grant their every wish! You know the ones, the kind that quit in their first 90 days.


It all depends on you.”


That is the answer to that question but, it’s not much of an answer.



hard work




A new distributor can make a few dollars by selling the products or services that their company offers. I’m sure the little bit of money will be helpful but, I’m not sure that will suffice.


I would think that when a prospect asks the question, ‘How much money can I make?’ they really want to know, how long will it take me to make “good money?” The kind of money that will buy them a new car or, at least, make the payments on the one they have now.



enough time



Before a prospect makes the decision to join your business, they need to know that there are three key ingredients that you need to be in order for them to start to build a business.


The first of these ingredients is education. The second is hard work and lastly, you need to give your business enough time to grow.


In my next post, I’ll go into detail about these ingredients. If you don’t have them, you won’t last very long in the business.



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