There are negative reviews about my company online

What can I do about it?


solutions for negative reviews


You joined your company because you loved the products that they sell and you want your slice of the pie from their compensation plan. Those dollar signs will light up your eyes.


You run out and tell your friends and family about your new discovery and some of them are interested in what you do. You sit them down and show them a video about the company, their products, and the compensation plan. Most don’t want to do it, but there might be a few people who say that they aren’t sure. They want to think about it or do some research.


We all know what that means, right? They’re going to go online and look up your company and the products.


Do you know what they’ll find?


That’s the critical question. You really do need to know what they apt to find. If you are going to have a chance of recruiting them, you’ll need to know what they’ll find and you’ll need to know how to overcome the objections that will be raised by what they read.


The search engines are usually very helpful in finding information. However, when your prospects start to do their “research” they’re going to find that there are so many horror stories out there that they will probably want no part of you or your business.


Your prospects are no different than any other information seeker. They’ll put the name of your company in a search engine and see what comes out. They’ll get dozens if not hundreds of pages of returns. They will maybe read the top 3 or 4 articles to see what they can find out. If they are very thorough, they might read all 10 of the top articles. It’s unlikely that they will go any farther than that.


The top 5 search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL. The articles that are in their top 10 will be similar, but not always the same. You should go through as many of the articles as you can and familiarize yourself with the things that your prospects will find. You can search the name of your company, the name of your company + the word scam and the name of your company + the word review to see what could come up for your prospects.


your network marketing company probably isn't a scam


The types of things that your prospects could find are articles that have the word “scam” in them. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your company is a scam, but your prospects could take it that way. A lot of the time, another network marketer will put the word scam in their title to get people to read the article. They may bash your company or their products, but it turns out that they have never been a distributor for them and they’ve never used the products. They’re hoping that a few of the people who show up to read their article will join whatever company they are part of.


What else could they find?


There might be real stories of bad things that happened to some ex-distributor. The most common thing that will come up is that they lost a lot of money. Maybe they got talked into buying thousands of dollars of products and couldn’t sell them. Maybe they put a lot of money into advertising that didn’t work and they quit the business. To that, I’d say that no one should “buy a rank advancement.” That can be very expensive and the average new distributor has no idea of what they are doing. They are just as likely to quit as they are to continue with the business. To the person who put a lot of money into advertising, I’d say, doing that is a good idea, but only if you really know what you’re doing. Not all advertising works. Those people did something good but didn’t know what would work. They probably poured all of their money into an untested method and got burned. They should’ve tested different advertising avenues to see what would work for them!


You may find other types of negative things said about your company and their products. You should be prepared on how to answer for those things. If you’re prepared, you’ll at least stand a chance of recruiting your prospect.



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