Why are so many network marketers dazed and confused?

Hey network marketers, the grass is always greener!


the grass always seems greener for network marketers


Have you ever stopped what you were doing, thought about your network marketing business and wondered what was going on? Did you ever get that feeling of being overwhelmed? Have you scratched your head and wondered why it seems so easy for some people while all you do is struggle?


If you have, you’re definitely not alone. I think that most network marketers feel that way … a lot of the time. Who could blame you? There are so many different and competing views on how to build a successful network marketing business.


It’s very rare that when someone joins their company, that they aren’t totally excited with their eyeballs popping out of their head. They find out that their sponsor isn’t there to help them because their sponsor has no idea what to do either. The help that they provide is to tell you to make a list of the people in your warm market and talk to all of them. Some network marketers will do that, but most are afraid of what their friends and relatives will think of them. Or they’re afraid that the stories are true and they’ll chase their friends away and never see them again. For those that actually make it through their warm market, they’re left to try to dream up something on their own or they start to look for some guidance, outside their company. This is where to confusion starts. Why were they told to go through their warm market? Virtually, no one was interested in owning a business and only a few people were willing to try out the products? If the company wants them to succeed, why wouldn’t they give them better training?


Where do they go after that?


I could line up 100 gurus and other assorted top earners and you’d find out that there were 100 different ways to be successful in this business. What’s a struggling network marketer to do? If they want training provided by one of these people it will cost them anywhere from $500.00 per hour up to $5,000.00 per hour or more. For most new network marketers, that’s out of reach.


The next best thing would be to buy one of the hundreds of products and courses that are available from the gurus and other top earners. If they can make Facebook work, so can you! You plop down your $297.00 and get their Facebook course. Most people who buy a course never open it and those that do, usually don’t finish it.


You find out that Facebook isn’t for you. You go to the next guru and buy their Instagram course. That’s another $297.00. You couldn’t get that to work for you either.


You buy a Twitter course, a LinkedIn course, a Craigslist course and you even go old school and buy a course on how to recruit using newspaper ads. Unfortunately, none of these work for you either.


Does any of this sound familiar?


Have you bought a bunch of courses and found out that it was way harder than they made is seem on the webinar? Have you spent over $1,500.00 and not be any closer to success than you were before? On top of it all, you’re probably dazed, confused and overwhelmed.


network marketers need to focus on one thing at a time


Is there a solution for this?


The easiest cure for this situation is to pick one method to generate your leads. Pick whichever one makes the most sense to you and utilizes your particular gifts and talents. If you’re a whiz with Facebook, then, by all means, use Facebook. If you love to tweet, you can use Twitter. If you’re the type that loves to strike up a conversation with a total stranger, while you’re in line to get your morning coffee, then learn a face to face prospecting method that works for you.


You have to use this method long enough to become proficient with it. You can’t just give it a go for a few days and think that you gave it your all. You didn’t learn to ride a bicycle on your first day. It took weeks, if not months to learn how to do it properly. The same thing goes for learning a lead generation method. Then you have to stick with this one method until you’re able to generate 5 leads per day. Then and only then can you go on to the next method.


I do suggest that you have 3 or maybe 4 different methods running once you’ve progressed to that stage. If you go on to the next method before you’re able to generate 5 leads per day with the first method, you’ll wind up right where you are now! Confused and frustrated!


Yes, this seems like it will slow you down, but it’s for your own good and in the end, you won’t have that confusion anymore.


No one will join a distributor who is dazed and confused!



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