Why are so many network marketers on the internet?


It’s the lure of easy money!


Why are so many network marketers on the internet?


The internet is a pretty good invention. You have to hand it to those DARPA guys. Sorry Al Gore, maybe you voted for it, but you didn’t invent it.


Why do so many network marketers flock to the wonders of the internet? The easy answer is that it gives everyone access to millions … no … billions of people. Who could turn their back on that kind of reach?


If you know what you’re doing, you can rise to the top of any network marketing business. Many network marketers are using their blogs, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms to get massive exposure for their opportunity and products. Even if you get a very small percentage of people to respond to your offer, you can make millions of dollars.


What’s wrong with that?


Absolutely nothing. If you remember, I did say that you have to know what you’re doing. Not only that, you need to do those things for a long enough period of time. If finding success by using social media was easy then everyone would be doing it and they’d all be rich!


I’ve watched a lot of people write blog posts, add videos to YouTube, tweet on Twitter and so many other things on so many other platforms. A few people have been wildly successful, while others have floundered around for years. The people who have been successful naturally create a product for you to buy. Buying their course does not guarantee anyone of success. It’s no different than buying a distributor kit. Some will make it, but most won’t.


giving network marekters hope


It does give the average network marketer a bit of hope that they too can be successful.


I’m not here to bash the gurus, not today anyway. I am here to say that opening a Pinterest account or having a Facebook page won’t make you successful. All of these social media platforms take their own skill sets in order to find success. Where you find those skills is up to you. Even acquiring the skills won’t guarantee anything. You have to put those skills into practice for a long enough period of time.


Besides giving network marketers access to a lot of people, it also gives them anonymity.


You may have a picture of yourself on social media. You may have your name out there, but this isn’t the same as put yourself out there. Your name and your picture are not you. You may not be completely hiding behind you computer monitor, but for the most part you are. You’re out there, but you’re still hidden.


You won’t find success even though you have access to a gajillion people and you won’t find success while you’re hiding and protecting yourself from the public. You’ll need to get in front of all those people before you’ll be a success in network marketing.


My suggestion is that you use social media to find local people to work with. This gives you access to a lot of people that are in your “backyard.” This will give you something in common with them right away. That will help you to make a connection with them and help you to build that all important relationship with them too.


This doesn’t mean that you can’t recruit people from around the world, it just allows you to get in front of people who are local to you.


The whole world is going after the worldwide market. Why not be contrary and stay local? That just might be the difference that you need to stand out in the minds of your target market!



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