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Your network marketing presentation


your network marketing presentation


I was asked to look at this write up about how to give a business presentation and give my thoughts and opinions about it. After reading it, my first thought was that it sounded like this would be good if you were giving a presentation at a hotel meeting or some other gathering that had a lot of people at it.


I did have some problems with it, though. It’s difficult to “close” someone from a stage. If you’re not a professional at it then you probably shouldn’t even try it. It’s also rare that anyone would join a network marketing company the first time that they see the business presentation.


That being said, most of it looks fine. It’s kind of standard for the industry.


If you’d like to see what I actually said to this distributor, go to the end of the article.


1. Big Smiles breed Big Smiles


2. The host of the meeting must:

A. Introduce guests to presenter

B. Spend a few minutes explaining his/her connection to guests using positive words.

C. Share his/her “why” and journey to joining

D. Genuinely edify presenter and spend time sharing appreciation for their time given to the meeting.


3. Presenter must:

A. Engage guests right away and connect with eye contact, using their names and their stories are given in the introduction throughout the presentation.

B. Affirm guests and compliment him/her on their accomplishments while encouraging interaction.

C. Display confidence as he/she tells “The Company Story” as well as how “Their Story” merged with the company, painting a clear vision of both the owner’s vision as well as theirs.

who should give your network marketing presentation

4. Once Presentation is coming to a “close”:

A. Host must remain engaged yet remain quite

B. The presenter must ask closing questions and then remain silent while waiting for guest to speak first. (This is both awkward and necessary) *First one to speak loses


5. The presenter must use guest’s final words to continue closing them into joining right on the spot.


6. The presenter will re-emphasize how he/she along with the host and company are going to support them all the way through the process.


7. At end of the presentation, the host will send a group text with both the presenter and the guests first and last names for follow up.


NOTE: Do not get too carried away with slides. Have a conversation and use slides when necessary.


What I suggested was that they just put a DVD into a DVD player and make it look like anyone can do this business.


It’s very difficult to be successful in network marketing! Making the business as simple as you can will help you in recruiting new people and will make being a success more likely. It’s nice to have a hotel meeting to take a prospect to. This makes it look like all you have to do is to bring someone to that meeting. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a hotel meeting.


You can’t make this business look much more simple than just putting a DVD in and pressing play!



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