Your network marketing company owes you!

I look back on all of my network marketing experiences and I think to myself, self, why did I fail at so many of them?  It all started with Amway. My best friend, at the time, a buddy from high school, called me and see he had something he wanted me to look at.  I naively said okay and met him at his house that weekend.



That was my first exposure to the wild and wooly world of MLM.   He started drawing circles and told me of the help I would get growing this business.  You know, you, me 6-4-3 and the sky’s the limit!  My friend could draw some circles.  I have no idea how many circles he drew back then but I know that he managed to recruit 3 people.  Which seems to be about the average number people recruit in any given business.

I know that I’ve been a little outspoken about people getting into their own businesses.  I’ve said many times that it is tough to be successful.  That’s putting it mildly.  The way I see it is that if my little bit bit of dissuasion keeps you from getting into business then more than likely you weren’t going to make it anyway.

And I’ll say it again.  Save yourself a lot of time and money and don’t give up your day job!



If you are going to be successful, you need to have an all consuming desire to make it.  You have to want success more than just about anything else.  You need to be devoted to building a business.  You need to be willing give up a normal life.  You need to be single minded.

Getting back to my experiences in MLM.  My friend had promised me help.  I got the usual help.  Make a list of friends and family and show them the “plan.”  I did that and got a lot of rejections.  It was depressing.  I was watching my chance at fame and fortune go up in smoke.  After going outside my warm market and finding no success, I gave up.

I rethought my beliefs about the network marketing.  There were things that I knew I needed to be successful and I didn’t get them.

Here’s what I knew…

I deserved a mentor

I had no idea what I was doing when I got started.  I have a better idea now but not everyone knows what to do, when to do it and how to do it.  Even with 27 years of business experience, I still need help.  I need someone to teach me what works in my chosen company and what doesn’t work.

I deserved a step by step blueprint

I needed a business plan.  One that has been tested and proven to work.

I deserved a community

I needed people around me who have the same problems as I have had.  People who will understand me and those problems.  People who would help me solve those problems and who I could help as I learned new things that worked.

I deserved support

Not just from the community but from my upline and the company.

I deserved to finally get the success we deserved

I also knew that if I had those things that I would have stood a better chance of finding success.

Unfortunately, I never got those things.  It was like I always say, the blind leading the blind.  No one stood a chance of being successful.

The other that I know is that not only did I deserve these things, you do as well.  You need and deserve a mentor, a proven business plan, a community to work with, the support of those that you are working with and you certainly deserve the success that you were told about in the beginning.

If you haven’t been given these things then maybe you need to find someone in your company who is offering them.  Or maybe it’s time for a new company.

If you aren’t offering these things to anyone that you have recruited then your downline may be thinking about these things now.

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