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Customers and product users? That sounds like the same thing, doesn’t it?


There are two different kinds of people who are going to buy your products. The first are your customers. The second are the people who joined your business, but they aren’t really doing anything with the business side of things. They love the products, but something is holding them back from going out and recruiting people.




Customers are the people who buy the products, but they aren’t a distributor of those products. The customers are the life blood of your business. Without customers, you aren’t going to get paid. Since 1979, the Federal Trade Commission has required that a certain percentage of product sales must be to people are not distributors for the company.


I usually suggest that every distributor have at least 10 customers and I would strongly suggest that a distributor have enough customers so that there is about $300.00 to $500.00 of profit for them. You can get this number by dividing $500 by the average profit per sale that you get. This should include retail profit and your commission. The average distributor will stay in the business, longer, if they are actually making a decent amount of money.


If you are willing to treat your customers like they are gold, you’ll only need to gather customers once. You may have to pick up a few customers along the way, in case someone moves out of the area or quits buying your products for other reasons.


Product users


Product users are distributors who aren’t building a business, yet. The distributors who are just using the products are helping your group volume numbers, so they are very important to your overall business.


You shouldn’t count these people as customers in your customer totals. You aren’t getting the retail profit from their sales, although you might be getting some commission from the sales.


Should you recruit customers and try to get product users to build a business?


This is a favorite way, of many network marketers, to get new distributors. You can mess yourself up, if you’re not careful. In the beginning, you should be getting most of your income from your customers. If you try to recruit a customer and they aren’t ready for this, you might make them mad enough to quit buying your products.


happy customers can make good network marketing distributors


They are happy to be customers, but will they even entertain the idea of becoming a distributor? Some will, but many won’t. To suggest that they try to find other customers and also try to build a business, may not be something that they have any interest.


I would suggest that a distributor who wants to recruit a current customer do so by using an indirect method of recruiting. You do this by asking the customer if they know anyone who would be interested in signing up to be a distributor. It’s not unusual for someone, in business, to ask for referrals. This type of approach is very gentle and shouldn’t ruffle anyone’s feathers. If they do give you a referral who does want to sign up, you can go back to the customer and let them know that they will be joining your business. You can give them the opportunity to have the customer sign up and have the referral sign up below them. This doesn’t always work, but you shouldn’t have customers quitting on you.


You can use a similar approach for distributors who are just product users. You can ask them for referrals, as well. You just let them know that anyone who decides to join will be placed under them. Having someone sign up under them may reactivate them.


Always, always, always put a sign up, that was a referral from a product use,r under them. The last thing you want to do is to alienate a distributor, even if they are just a product user!



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