Network Marketing – Are you asking invasive questions?


Network marketing could be easier if you do this!


In network marketing, you need to build a relationship. You do this by asking easily answered questions and then lead your prospect to tell you their problems.


I just read a great article by Tom Schreiter. It was about how not to raise people’s salesman alarm. Everyone has one and if you want to get to the point of being able to show them what you have to offer you’ll need to get around that alarm.


When you first meet someone what do you do? Do you immediately start to prospect them? Do you start asking them probing questions? A lot of network marketers do this, they set off the alarm and send their prospects running for the door.


You’re thinking that you couldn’t be doing that, right? You were told by your upline what to do and you do that! How could there be a problem?


Here are some of the examples that Tom gave for questions that seem ordinary enough, but will make your prospects terrified. See if you recognize any of these.


Are you happy at your job?”


Who is your current electricity provider?”


Would you like a better skin care solution?”


Did you know that your diet is killing you?”


Have you asked anything like these types of questions? Most network marketers, if they honest, will say, “Yes.” That’s okay because most network marketers are taught to ask questions like these. Those types of question, as innocent as they sound, will trigger the salesman alarm. Your prospect will shut down and run from you.


don't set off their salesman alarms


There is a better way and it will get you around those pesky alarms that all of us have.


Keep in mind that we, as network marketers, aren’t supposed to be talking to people in order to sell our products or recruit them. We are there to find out if what we have will help people. Will what we have to offer solve their problems?


Party time!


Let’s pretend that you’re at a party and you see someone that you’d like to meet. You walk over to them and the first thing that you say is, “Are you happy at your job?” What do you think would happen? They probably politely excuse themselves and walk away from you. When you read that, do you blame them for walking away? I don’t.


Of course, that’s not what we do at a party, is it? We would walk up to someone and ask them simple to answer questions. The “get to know you” type of questions. Some examples would be:


How are you?”


What’s your name?”


Where do you live?”


Where do you work?”


Those are simple, noninvasive, easy to answer questions that the person will probably ask you back. Those questions allow you to build the foundation of a friendship.


From those questions, you can gently move the conversation to find out what kinds of problems that they have. You can lead them to the types of answers that you’re looking for by answering their questions properly.


If they ask you where you live you can say:


I live in a 3 bedroom townhouse, but I’ve been looking to move into that exclusive neighborhood on the other side of town. Have you looked at the homes in those neighborhoods?”


This question gives them the chance to tell you that those homes are too expensive. You can help them with that problem, right?


a network marketers dream home


If they ask you where you work you can say:


I work for XYZ company, but I don’t really like because they don’t pay me what I’m worth. I’m looking to make a change in the near future, though.”


This gives them a chance to ask what kind of plan you have to make a change in your employment situation.


Tom offered some kinder and gentler questions of his own to replace those invasive questions in the beginning of this article. You can replace those questions with:


What do you like most about your job?”


Do you get an electricity bill?”


Do you hate wrinkles?”


Would you like to have more energy?”


Asking the wrong types of questions will make you look and sound like a professional salesperson. You may think that it’s a good thing to be more salesy in network marketing, but it’s not. You don’t want to be seen as a salesperson, you want to be known as a problem solver!



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