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Can you make success in network marketing easier?

network marketing success made easier


Unfortunately, most network marketers will never see a single dime from their network marketing businesses. It seems as though most network marketers are just too afraid to make a real go of it. They are paralyzed by the thoughts of being made fun of, being laughed at or being embarrassed. Those fears and fears like those kill more businesses than anything else.


Who are you afraid of?


You’re probably afraid of anyone who is going to make fun of you or think badly about you. Who are those people? Those are people who aren’t interested in your business or your products. It doesn’t matter why they aren’t interested, they just aren’t. It’s not your job to convince them that they really need to own a business of their own and it’s not your job to talk people into buying your products.


Where do distributors go wrong?


Most distributors are told that everyone needs the products that they are selling and that everyone will want to join your business because, it can be so lucrative. Those are two of the biggest lies that are told in network marketing. This attitude emboldens the new distributor who goes out and talks to everyone about their business and products. They get a rude awakening.


They try to sell their $90.00 skin creme to the person who has been buying the $10.00 jar at the local drug store. When the distributor approaches that person, what happens? That prospect will probably roll their eyes and tell you that you’re crazy if you think they’re going to buy a $90.00 skin product.


The same thing happens when you approach someone about your business opportunity and they have no interest in it. It could be worse if they know someone who tried network marketing and failed. The network marketers who failed probably lost money in the process and your prospect will probably ridicule you for wanting to lose money, too.

don't fail in network marketing

What is your job?


It’s your job to find the people who are interested in what you have to offer. That’s it, end of story!


If you attempt to do anything else, you’re in for a difficult road that will probably be a dead end.


What do we have to offer people?


In network marketing, we have three things to offer.


1. The benefits of our products


2. More money


3. Free time


Who do we need to be looking for?


We’re only looking for people who want the benefits that our products can give them, people who want more money or people who would like to free up some of their time.


The best way to find people like that is to ask them if they want the benefits of your products or do they want more time and more money. It doesn’t have to be any more difficult than that.


It can be something like this.


Do you want more money to be able to buy a new car or a new house?”


Do you want more time to spend with your family?”


Do you want to eliminate wrinkles while you sleep?”


Craft your questions to suit the prospect and your products.


If you’re able to talk to people who want what you have to offer, I think that you’ll find that this business isn’t nearly as scary as you think. People who want what you have will actually listen to you and they won’t ridicule you!



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