Network marketing — Who wants to be a millionaire?


Who will build a network marekting

business and who won’t?


building a network marketing business


When a reporter asked John D. Rockefeller, “How much money is enough money?” He answered, “Just a little bit more.”


John D. Rockefeller was America’s first billionaire.


To the average network marketer, it might sound a bit odd, but not everyone wants to make a million dollars. Not everyone wants to make extra money either. Some of them will tell you that they’d like to be making more money, but not many of them would be willing to do more work on top of their already busy lives. Those people are the “hopers” and the dreamers. They are the people who wish that they had a lot of money so they buy a lottery ticket every week. They won’t win, but they could.


When you’re building a network marketing business, who should you be talking to about it?


Everyone, right?


Well, it depends on what you’re saying to them. If you walk up to everyone and tell them that you have a wonderful business that you know they’d be great at and would they like to join, then you probably don’t want to talk to everyone. If you’re trying to figure out if the person would have any interest in what you have to offer, then yes, you can talk to everyone.


Nearly everyone will tell you that they’d like to be making more money, but not everyone would be willing to do the work that’s associated with making that money.


How do you tell the difference between those that just think they want more money and those that will do something about it? There’s the question. The answer is that you really can’t tell who will do this business and who won’t do it. You could recruit a small business owner who looks and sounds like a winner and then you find out that they can’t themselves to take action, in this business. You could recruit someone who works on an assembly line who you’re sure wouldn’t be able to do the business and they go out and make a ton of money. You just never know.


If you’re a network marketer then you’ve probably heard the phrase “sort and sift.”


The phrase “sort and sift” refers to the process of talking to nearly everyone and figuring out who would be open to the idea of owning a business and making some money. You do this by asking your prospects questions.


ask better questions in your network marketing business


These questions should be probing and not direct. A direct question would be, “Would you like to join my network marketing business?” You won’t find many people who would answer yes to that. A probing question is one that is meant to gather information about the prospect. Their answers will help you figure out if you have something that the prospect needs. Here are a few examples of probing questions. They are listed as sequences of questions that can lead you to be able to ask for an appointment to see your business presentation.


Where do you work?


Do you like your job or career?


Do they pay you what you’re worth?


Would you be open to the idea of being paid what you’re worth?


Do you have children?


Do you want to send them to college?


Will they need to take out student loans to get their degree?


Would you be open to the idea of them graduating without all of that debt?


Where did you go on your last vacation?


How long did you stay there?


Would you be open to the idea of staying twice that long if you were still getting paid while you were gone?


How many children do you have?


Do you get to go to their school activities and functions?


Would you be open to the idea of having more time to spend with your children?


You’re trying to find out what kind of need or problem that your prospect has and then offering a solution. That’s what all businesses do. They find a need and fill it. The difference between a traditional brick and mortar business and a network marketing business is that as a network marketer, you have to do this by talking to people. A network marketer doesn’t get to have a storefront on Main Street. They can’t sit and wait for people to walk into a store.


It all comes down to what you say and how often you say it. If you want to be a network marketing millionaire, then you’ll have to say better words to more people!



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