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Will I be successful in network marketing?


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It’s very rare that you will show your business presentation and not get some sort of objection. I don’t remember anyone signing up with me who didn’t have some sort of objection or question. It’s just part of the life of a network marketer. It’s part of the life of anyone who happens to sell anything.


One of the most common objections you will get is, “How much money are you making?”


This question is a “proof of concept” question. Not only is it asking, “Does this thing work?” it is also asking, “Is it something that is working for you?”


I can’t say that I blame them for wanting to know the answer.


If you tell them that you’re losing money every month, they’ll probably have no interest in joining you. If you have a sizable income, then they may jump at the opportunity.


If you’re making money, answering this question is no big deal. You just tell them how much you’re making. Keep in mind that the FTC frowns upon enticing people to get into your business. Enticing means: attractive or tempting; alluring. I guess the bottom line is that you’re not really supposed to tell people how much money you’re making. They do that because making money in network marketing isn’t typical of the results that most people get.


With that said, most people, who are making money, are probably going to tell every prospect how much money they are making.


how much do you make in network marketing


On the flip side, there are two types of people who aren’t making money, in network marketing. The first are all of the people who are brand new to the business. These people have an excuse for not making money, yet. What should they be telling prospects?


In this situation, it’s probably best to “borrow” some credibility. They can tell about how well their direct sponsor is doing or maybe someone else in their upline. They should find someone who will let you use their information in their stories. They can say that they just started in the business and they haven’t started making money yet, but they are working closely with the person who’s information they are using and the two of them have a step by step plan of action that should start to generate money soon. Always put the emphasis on the step by step plan! They can let the prospect know that they, too, can work with the upline and join them in the plan.


The other type of person who isn’t making money yet are the people who have been in the business for a while. It could be 6 months or 6 years, but they haven’t been making money. What are they supposed to say?


It’s really no different. Most people that they will talk to won’t know how long they’ve been in the business. Even if they know they’ve been in the business for a while, they can let them know that the upline has a step by step plan to move everyone into profit as soon as possible.


If you are “borrowing” credibility from an upline, you can offer your prospects a meeting with them. You can allow the upline to sponsor them for you.


Your prospects just want to know that they can have success in the business. Just give them some reassurance that you and your upline will be there for them every step of the way!



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