Why does my network marketing presentation take so long?


You can use a shorter version of your network marketing presentation!


use a shorter network marketing presentation

Have you ever had problems getting your prospects to make the time commitment to sit and watch a business presentation? If you can drag them to a hotel meeting, you have a captive audience. There’s nowhere for them to go. If you happen to be at the mall or in a restaurant, they could tell you that they have an appointment they forgot and walk out on you.


Most business presentations can last anywhere from 30 minutes all the way up to an hour or more. That’s a lot of time to ask someone to invest into something that they know nothing about. Hopefully, you were able to create a lot of curiosity and that holds their attention long enough!


What if we were able to give them the condensed version of our presentation and let them decide of they have an interest in seeing the whole story? I’ve written that a hotel meeting shouldn’t be the first thing that a prospect sees. They should have some idea of what they are about to see there. The hotel meeting should be the place to “close them.” They have all the information. They should be able to decide.


When you’re prospecting someone, you might want to build a little rapport. You don’t have to get their whole life story. I know some people teach to give a compliment to get things started. That’s okay if it’s a genuine compliment, if not, it will look like your blow smoke up their skirt! I prefer to ask them how long they’ve been working, where ever they work. Then ask them if they like it. If the answer is, “No,” then you can move forward. If they answer,”Yes,” then you can follow up with one last question. Do they get paid what they are worth? Every once in a while you’ll find someone who really is getting paid what they’re worth, but for the most part, no one believes they are getting paid enough. Now you can move the conversation forward.


You can then ask them if they’d be open to a side project that wouldn’t interfere with they are doing now.


Most people want to know what it is before they give you an answer. You’ll usually hear, “Yes. What is it?” or just “What is it?”


You tell them that you can tell them all about it, but it could take 40 minutes or however long your presentation is. Then say, “Or I could give you a 3 minute overview and you can see if you’re interested.”


Almost everyone will say, “Give me the 3 minute overview.” You can almost be guaranteed of having someone to give the presentation to, if you get them to that point in the process!


This is where you have to find a way to cut your business presentation down to 3 minutes. Obviously, you’ll need to leave out most of the details.


cut down on the details of your network marketing presentation


You could start by saying, “If you’d like to make between $75,000 and $100,000 per year you have to do …”


Maybe you could say that you have to help 5 other people make $30,000 per year. Try not to use words like “sell” or “selling.” Tell them that you market your weight loss products or whatever products you have. Don’t draw circles, that’s a dead give away. Don’t use the words “level” or “levels.” Again, a lot of people will know that you’re in MLM and won’t be interested in moving forward.


You’re just trying to whet their appetite. When you’re done, you can ask them if they’d like to move forward.


If they need to hear more, you can offer another meeting to get all of the details. Now you invite them to see the whole business presentation. It could be a hotel meeting, home meeting, a 2 on 1 meeting or a 3 way call. Use whichever you feel most comfortable with.


Try to keep the recruiting process short and simple. You need people to see that they could do what you’re doing!



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