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For every superstar who built a really big business in 6 months to a year, there are hundreds of stories of people who took many years to grow their businesses. We’ve all read those sensational articles that tell tales of distributors who went on Facebook or some other social platform and built a big business in 6 months. They make good reading material. It’s fun to think that we could all do the same thing, but it rarely happens that way. Usually, it takes many years to build a successful business.


The fact that, for most people, it takes years to build a business might explain why so many people quit their company and many leave the industry. They just aren’t patient enough of committed enough to wait that long for success.


Can you honestly say that you are willing to be in this business for the long haul? Are you willing to put in years to build your business? If I told you that you’d have to put in 5 to 7 years of hard work would you still be willing to do that? Really think about that and be sure that you are going to take on this challenge.


As the title of this article suggests, consistency is the key factor to your success.


If you’ve read the stories about the people who used Facebook or a blog to build a big business in 6 months then you know that they were real go getters. They were talking to 20 people or more per day about their business. Which is fantastic, if you can do that consistently. If you can maintain that average of talking to 20 people per day, you can probably reach you network marketing goals in 2 years or less and those superstars were able to reach their goals in 6 months. For us mere mortals, we need a realistic way to build our businesses. There aren’t too many people who could take that much rejection in that short of a period of time.


your network marketing success plan


With all of that in mind, here is my 5 to 7 year plan that everyone should be able to follow.


These first two tasks are tasks that should be accomplished at the same time. The first goal is to get yourself into profit. This is paramount. If you are losing money, in your business, at some point you will run out of money and be forced to give up. The easiest way to get you and your business into profit is to sell you company’s products.


I hope that you joined a company whose products you have a passion for. This will make it that much easier to sell them. If you joined because of the money you could make, then either learn to love your company’s products or find a company that has products that you love!


You will need to figure out how many products that you need to sell in order to get into profit, on a monthly basis. You’ll probably want to have enough profit to reinvest into advertising. You’ll be running some sort of ads in order to generate leads for people to join your business.


Selling your products is one of the few things that your warm market is good for. Go through your entire warm market and ask them to support your new business by buying a product from you. A lot of them will want to support you and buy while others will feel sorry for you and buy. Either way, it’s a sale. While you’re getting your business into profit you’ll want to be exposing your company’s business plan to new people.


network marketing presentations


For the next 5 years, I want you to find 1 person per day to show your company’s business plan to. Do this 5 days per week. It can be anyone from your warm market or from the cold market that responded to an ad you put out.


This amount of work should be “doable” for just about everyone. You might be thinking that you can show the plan to 2 or maybe even 3 people per day. That’s great if you can, but I don’t want you to get overwhelmed or burned out. It’s just not worth it to over extend yourself, especially in the beginning.


If you are able to show your business plan to 1 person per day and 5 days per week, you will have shown the plan to 260 people per year. Over the course of 5 years that’s 1,300 people. Even if you are average, you should be able to recruit at a 10% rate. That means that you will have sponsored 130 people. If you continue this plan for the full 7 years, that will be 1,820 people who have seen your business plan. That would be 182 people recruited.


signing up for network marketing


Remember the day you joined your company? If I told you that you would sponsor 130 to 182 people into your business, do you think that you’d get excited? Do you think that you’d be making a lot of money?


As you recruit new people into your business you’ll need to teach them this same strategy. You may need to lower expectations as new people are very excited about the possibilities. You can just tell them the story of the tortoise and the hare!


Now go out and get started. 1 a day!


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